I have worked on my hair’s health and learned so much in the past months. Now its time to turn up the heat. Even though my hair is healthy there is still a lot to be done. In the coming year (which is a few hours away) i will focus on strength and thickness.

I have only done one protein treatment which was about a week ago. I wanted to do a heavy protein treatment right after new years but i will hold it off till mid January. Instead i will do another light protein treatment. I will be doing two protein treatments a month: one light, one heavy. This will strengthen my hair.

I also want to start using henna on my hair. This will help with thickness. I plan on doing the henna glossing and not the full treatment. I haven’t been able to find any indigo which would help me retain my hair’s black colour, but am working on it. If i don’t find indigo, i will still do the henna glossing. I will first do three consecutive treatments then every other week (two each month). Apparently, it takes about three treatments for good results to show.

I am also working on a new regimen for 2012 because of these two new changes. I am super excited about this whole new direction that am about to take! Wish me the best 😀



I have been thinking of styling my hair in this way. It is a sophisticated looking hairstyle especially when all hair is in place with no flyaways. I tried it a day or two ago and it did not come out well. My hair just isn’t long enough, so the bun doesn’t hold well plus it looks kiddish and not cute because its so small. I know i can use hair extensions but with my hair’s texture it would look fake. I’ll wait till i get a relaxer so that i can get some hair pieces that will match my hair. In the mean time, i will try to do this bun again and just play with it 🙂 I just had a random thought, how about i try doing a high top sock bun! Now there’s an idea!


For the past week or so i have been massaging my scalp using oils. I used to do this in previous months but i was not consistent. Now i do it one to two times daily for as long as i want because it really feels good, its relaxing.

My initial plan was to only use castor oil. I did this but then i decided to mix it up with coconut oil. I saw no harm in doing so because both have great properties that my scalp and new growth will benefit from.

I really wish i had peppermint oil but it is too pricy for me at the moment. This oil is amazing and the only reason i want it is because when used on the scalp along with other oils, one can feel the scalp tingle. This is a great thing because the scalp is being stimulated thus increasing blood flow to that area. This results in more nutrients being transported to the hair follicles and this leads to faster hair growth or basically healthier hair. You see now why i really want that oil?

Because i did not have peppermint oil, i decided to look for another essential oil that would work just the same. I went out and bought pure eucalyptus oil, not that i was looking for that particular oil but its the only one i could find.

I added my eucalyptus oil to my deep conditioner but it did not give me that tingly feeling. I know its not because i used a little amount but i figure with it being an essential oil i shouldn’t have to use a lot! That oil is pretty pricy too. I also added some to my coconut-castor mix and still no results:( I have just made a fresh batch and used it on my scalp and i can only hope i feel something soon:/ I do however like that strong tonic-like smell it has. I smell…interesting.

Aside from the eucalyptus oil, i have some other oil that i bought a while back, maybe a month ago, now this is not a pure oil bit it has a mixture of some good oils. It is by Tony Airo called ‘siri’ like all his other products. It says that it is a roots stimulating oil. Again, this product did not give me the desired results (tingly scalp). Maybe i am supposed to put t straight on my scalp…i don’t know. What i do know is that if that ‘s how i am expected to use it…i can’t afford it! Its pricy too! I had used it in my deep conditioner and also together with castor oil for my scalp.

I will not buy the ‘siri’ oil again, am not even using the one i have. I will probably mix it into my coconut-castor-eucalyptus oil mix and try to use it up like that. I will however buy the eucalyptus oil again but i will probably use it in my deep conditioner only. When i am finally able to buy the peppermint oil, i will stop using the eucalyptus oil.

For now, i will keep massaging…OH IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD!


As stated in a previous post, i started taking better care of my hair in April this year. Seven months later in November, i started my hair journey. From April to November i just moisturized my hair by cowashing. I did not do much else other than that. My hair stayed clean and moisturized. I got to also massage my scalp daily while i washed my hair. All these techniques were great and still are great because they helped my hair get healthy.

Come November and i decided to take things a notch higher. With the change in my regimen, washing twice a week, i was able to incorporate oils into my regimen. i did not have to go out and buy them because i had already done that some months before. With my daily cowashing i did not see how i could use them.

I never used to deep condition my hair before November. When i started, i mixed a number of oils into my store bought deep conditioning treatment then applied it to my hair and left it on overnight mainly because i do not have a hooded dryer. I did this religiously once to two times a week.

I also started doing weekly overnight prepoo treatments using oils. Lately i have started massaging oils onto my scalp once to twice daily.

I did slack off after about a month or so but i have seen great results from using oils see pics here. My new growth looks different in that it is wavier and because of using oils and deep conditioning i believe it is healthier too.

I will continue with this treatment because it is working and i see that. I recommend it to everybody.


For Christmas, i straightened my hair and slightly curled it with my flat iron. I wore my hair straight but my ends were the ones that were curled under because i was due for a trim and did not want them showing. By the end of the day when i got home at around 1 am, my hair was really big. it had gained volume but i was not surprised because it does that a lot 🙂

Since then, i have been massaging my my scalp with my castor oil and coconut oil mix and that feels so damn good! At first i did that only once a day but now i do it twice, at night and in the morning. I also apply some coconut oil on my hair daily, before going to bed and even though i use a lot of oil, my hair soaks it all up and my hair does not look oily in the morning. My sheets do not have oil on them so i know that my hair is really drinking up all that oil. Some people use a moisturizer and then an oil to moisturize and seal their hair but i have read that coconut oil is a really good moisturizer so i use that only and it works wonders!

My hair does not feel dry at all because of what i have been doing to it and my scalp is not itchy at all. I am loving this experience because i did not know my hair could be this way if i chose to wear it straight. You have to understand that back in July when i straightened it, i did nothing to it for 2 whole weeks, other than tying a scarf at night (i think), and at the end of those 2 weeks my hair was extremely dry and my scalp was itchy. I never used to deep condition my hair back then so it took a while for my hair to regain moisture.

I don’t plan on wearing my hair like this for more than a week so after new years am going to show my hair some tender loving care. I say this because i have been using a lot of heat on my hair. I have been really having fun with my hair and i love it so much (^^,)


My hair is growing beautifully! I had no idea how well my hair journey was going till i took pictures of my new growth and did a length check. I knew my hair was growing because i love running my fingers on my scalp so i can feel the bumps and lumps 🙂 That’s how my new growth feels. Sometimes it feels like there is something lumpy stuck on my scalp, so unlike hair. I absolutely love my waves.

see the texture of my new healthy growth? PROGRESS!!!

see the texture of my new healthy growth? PROGRESS!!!

My hair was saturated in coconut oil (oil prepoo)

My hair was saturated in coconut oil (oil prepoo)

length check # 1

As for length, i thought my hair was maybe 2″ shorter! So you can imagine my reaction when i saw the new length. I don’t wear my hair straight but i did this for Christmas. The last time i had it straightened like this was 6 months ago. I do need a trim which will set me back a little in terms of length but i will have really good ends…really thick like i want them. I will trim it in 2-3 weeks time and am kind of excited about that. I want a nice blunt cut right across my back. I said cut because i plan to have maybe 2″ or 2 1/2″ cut. I think that’s what i’ll need if am to attain the look am going for.


(The amla oil on the left is dark and has a very strong/distinct smell. It contains light liquid paraffin oil. The other one on the right is lighter in colour and has a faint smell. It doesn’t list light paraffin oil as one of the ingredients).

Amla is known to stimulate the hair follicle to encourage growth due to vitamin C, which strengthens it thus preventing hair loss and excessive hair shedding. It also fortifies the hair with linolenic acid, which is an omega 9 fatty acid. Amla oil nourishes the hair shaft, adding strength and sheen, and cleanses the scalp to prevent dandruff, providing a perfect environment for long and healthy hair.

Amla oil’s most common application is as a luxurious natural hair conditioner. It is believed to make hair shinier, stronger, softer and better moisturized as a hair conditioner; massage it directly into your hair immediately after shampooing, rinsing a few minutes later, or you may find better results by massaging amla oil into just-washed hair and wrapping it in a steaming towel for 30 minutes. Also, you can apply the oil to the roots of your hair just before bed, allowing your hair to drink up the oil overnight, and then washing thoroughly in the morning. In smaller amounts, amla oil can also be used as a leave-in conditioner.

To improve the condition of hair, amla oil promotes a healthy scalp by combating dandruff and soothing an inflamed scalp. vitamin C present in amla acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Amla oil darkens hair.