Well, not quite the beginning. Let me just get into it.

I started taking care of my hair early this year in April (2011). I did not do much to it really, i just washed it everyday with conditioner only and used good quality gel to style it into a bun. I stopped using heat on my hair and that really helped improve it’s state.

Since then, i have added a few more steps, other than just washing, to my hair care routine and consequently, my hair has become soft and shiny without the use of oils! It’s elasticity is also great, considering the fact that there was none to begin with. These is all because of the moisture in my hair. My hair also looks really full and bushy like its alive or something. It does not look dull at all:) I have also noticed an increase in length though its unnoticable to others since i do not straighten my hair at all and because i have African hair, i have to deal with shrinkage. My new growth is coming in wavier and really nice, i can not stop running my fingers over it! Sometimes it feels like tiny lumps of hair and i love that! It is quite unlike the rest (older part) of my hair.

Before i started taking care of my hair, i would go to the salon for wash and blow dry once a month. I would take care of my hair for maybe the first week or two then do nothing to it for the rest of the month. As a result of this routine, my hair was really dry, brittle and dull looking. It broke off alot. We are now in December(2011) and this whole year, i have been to the salon only five times (twice since April). I plan to go there again tomorrow which is a Friday because i plan to wear my hair straight for Christmas this coming Sunday.

I used to abuse heat alot in the past. At one point, i would blow dry my hair bone straight every two weeks. I used high heat to achieve the desired results and never used a heat protectant at all. As a result of this treatment, my hair broke off from about armpit length to shoulder length. I also got heat damage in some sections of my hair and so now these sections are straight even after washing my hair. Back then i did not mind this because i love wearing my hair straight.

As if i had not put my poor hair through enough torture, i chopped it off to about neck length! Now it has grown back to shoulder length and i am hoping to grow it to full armpit length by May or alteast the end of 2012. This is my short term goal and i am very excited about it…i know i can do it. I nursed my hair back to health and though am still working on that, i am ready to work at maintaining length.


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