It all started with daily shampoo washes followed by conditioner till i learned that frequent shampooing dries out hair. At that point my hair felt like straw while i washed it.

Two months later in June, i started cowashing (using only conditioner to wash hair) and that was really great. My hair felt moisturized at the end of it all.

Three months later in September i started slacking off and would wash my hair about three times a week. That bothered me but i was too lazy to do anything about it:o I started reading up more on healthy hair care on the internet and that is when i decided to add more steps to my hair care routine.

Come October, i saved up some money to buy the things i needed to start a healthy hair care journey (working towards a set goal). For me, i wanted healthier hair that was down my back not just grazing my shoulders. During this month i continued to do my online research on how to best care for my hair.

NOVEMBER 1st 2011! That was when i started my healthy hair journey (hhj). I went out and bought my hair products though i already had some. I had by then outlined a regimen which i planned to follow. Basically this is it: prepoo with oils weekly, shampoo weekly, cowash weekly, deep condition with every wash, apply oil to my scalp daily, moisturize and seal as needed.

Now obviously i did not do all these. It was harder than i thought though i did get through the first two weeks okay minus oiling my scalp and only deep conditioning once a week.

This month, December i have not been doing much to my hair. I have had my hair in 5-13 braids for several days only taking them down to moisturize and seal my hair, wash it or oil my scalp. I have been cowashing my hair weekly and i do not use shampoo anymore (have not used it in over a month).`I was also only combing my hair on wash days. This actually felt good but i looked drab 😦

For the past 2 weeks however i have not deep conditioned my hair out of sheer laziness. I have however increased the frequency of my cowashes though i fear that that is not enough because i feel that my hair is getting dryer and dryer by the day…it feels different (“-)


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