I have worked on my hair’s health and learned so much in the past months. Now its time to turn up the heat. Even though my hair is healthy there is still a lot to be done. In the coming year (which is a few hours away) i will focus on strength and thickness.

I have only done one protein treatment which was about a week ago. I wanted to do a heavy protein treatment right after new years but i will hold it off till mid January. Instead i will do another light protein treatment. I will be doing two protein treatments a month: one light, one heavy. This will strengthen my hair.

I also want to start using henna on my hair. This will help with thickness. I plan on doing the henna glossing and not the full treatment. I haven’t been able to find any indigo which would help me retain my hair’s black colour, but am working on it. If i don’t find indigo, i will still do the henna glossing. I will first do three consecutive treatments then every other week (two each month). Apparently, it takes about three treatments for good results to show.

I am also working on a new regimen for 2012 because of these two new changes. I am super excited about this whole new direction that am about to take! Wish me the best 😀


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