ANOTHER BANTU KNOT OUT, with a twist :)

Yesterday i did my hair like i said i would. One thing i can’t quite figure out is why i have to do 4-5 shampoo washes just to get my hair all sudsy and clean! I know my hair was dry but i washed it a week ago! I’ll try and keep it moisturized from now on because my wash days are turning out to be rather frustrating 😦

That aside, last night i massaged my scalp with some coconut oil that i purchased and i also put some on my hair. I then did bantu knots and i had a hard time doing them simply because my hair was really soft, silky and straight. I had to use hair rubber bands just to keep the knots down. Normally i don’t need them for that.

I actually did 2 strand twists which i then knotted into bantu knots. Today i took down my hair and all the while i was thinking that my curls wouldn’t hold because of the state of my hair. But shock on me the curls were really tight! Tighter than the last time i did a bantu knot out!

I have to admit that styling this look took me a long time and i was getting upset. I’m just not a curly girl! I just don’t know what to do with curly hair! I tried so many styles but even with so much manipulation, finger combing, my curls wouldn’t stretch! In the end i did a messy ponytail :/ I can’t wait for my hair to get to a length where i can rock a decent messy bun.

Next time i will not twist my hair first, that way my curls will be loose. I love this style regardless and i see myself rocking it once i relax my hair only that time, i won’t use heat at all! low manipulation plus no heat 🙂 I know i manipulated my hair a lot trying to style it and yet this is a low manipulation style! I love the fact that i did not need a comb and did not use one! I thought that i should buy some kind of foam to help keep the curls longer but with the way mine turned out, i don’t think i’ll need that! I did not even have frizz 🙂

Last night i learned about the ‘pineapple wrap up’ method and i plan to do that tonight. This is simply a way to wrap up hair with a scarf. This method helps maintain the curls for a longer period of time. Apparently some ladies are able to maintain a bantu knot out for up to 5 days! This is impressive and i hope i can do this too because…well, i wouldn’t comb my hair at all during that period! I’m really looking for ways to wear my hair loose and free.


Unplanned wash day :/

My hair feels dry today. I can’t say that am surprised seeing that i haven’t been maintaining it like i should. I run out of most of my hair products a little over a week ago and that includes oils too Plus i’ve been a little lazy when it comes to tying my head scarf at night :O

I was hoping to relax my hair really soon and that is why the thought of washing my hair hasn’t crossed my mind till now. But because of the condition my hair is in right now, i just have to go ahead and wash it.

I will only shampoo and condition. No deep conditioning because i simply don’t have the time nor the deep conditioner. Anyway this should leave my hair pretty moisturized and clean.

I don’t want to use gel on my hair because that will require me to wash it out again before going to the salon soon. As a result, yea…i have to straighten it.

I know that i did this last weekend but the thing is, i can get it straight by blow drying it on cool which is what i did that time. I will try and flat iron doing just one pass through my hair so am not worried about using heat.

Since am going out today, i will buy some coconut oil which i’ll be using nightly to keep my hair and scalp nice and moisturized until my next salon visit.


Because i have made the decision to get a perm, i think it would be best if i start going to the salon to get my hair done…at least until i get the hang of having relaxed hair. People normally go to the salon every 2 weeks. Others go every week but lets face it that can be really costly.

After i get my relaxer, i will go back to the salon after 2 weeks for a wash and deep condition (treatment). After another 2 weeks i will go back again for another treatment. This is one of the reasons i am not in a rush to restock my products.

I plan to be very keen on what my hairdresser will be doing throughout because after that first month is over, i will go back to doing my own hair. I already know what to expect but i just want to see it done on my hair.

In between my salon visits, i will be massaging my scalp with coconut-castor oil mix as needed. Every night i will be applying coconut oil on my hair to keep it well moisturized, I do not plan on buying a moisturizer yet. coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and i know it works because i have used it numerous times nightly. In the mornings i will be applying vatika oil very lightly to my hair.

This is my plan for the first month. I hope it works out!


I have run out of most of my products 😦

1) I still have some shampoo because i don’t really shampoo much and when i do, i use very little because it lathers really well (it has sulfates in it).

2) I have amla oil because i only use very little in my deep conditioners. I also have eucalyptus oil and ‘siri’ roots stimulating oil. I will not be mentioning these two alot if at all simply because i have decided to stop using them till further notice.

3) I still have my Eco styler gel and it quite alot! I have only used it for maybe a week this month and i don’t use alot so it will last me a really long time. I might even still have it next year! (and thats 11 months away…thats how much i have left).

4) Today i decided to clear my room of clutter and i was surprised by what i found! I had 11 bottles of conditioners (3) were leave-in conditioners. I also had 4 jars of deep conditioners. Now, all these were not empty, they each had a little product in them because when am about to run out of products i go out and buy some more. When this happens, i start using the new products and stash away the old. The result is that i end up with bottles i can’t get rid of because then i would be wasting product! Its a vicious cycle i tell you!

Anyway, what i did was mix all the conditioners together and add a little water to them (just so i could get them out of the bottles…some were pretty thick). I ended up with 2 bottles of conditioner. 50% of the mixture in each bottle is pure conditioner so am really glad i did not throw away the bottles. I will figure out how to use these since am not planning to wash my hair anytime soon.

5) I also have some leave-in conditioner left so thats about it for my products!


Yes. The time has finally come to make this call. I have been putting it off since i was 12 when my mom first suggested it. She suggested it again when i joined high school, college and after i graduated from college one year ago 😀 I knew i would one day relax my hair. In fact i decided to relax it once i got a job but i still don’t have one yet and i have decided to have no more ultimatums like these.

Last October, i tried to blow dry my hair and it was a disaster. I just blew it out and hated it. So i washed it immediately. I was so frustrated that i told my mom i would relax it soon (i know she was happy to hear that) Anyway, after i calmed down i decided to postpone relaxing till December.

Come December, i wanted to enjoy my natural hair some more so i postponed relaxing it (again) to January (this month). Well, today is 27th January and i still haven’t done it :/ I honestly don’t know what happened. Its almost as if i totally forgot about my plans!

This is the forth week of this month and i have worn my hair straight for three of those weeks. I am really enjoying having my hair straight and i believe getting a relaxer is far much better than regular heat use on my hair. Don’t get me wrong, i love my curly, kinky hair but lets face it, i have had it like this for most of my life. Its time for a change. Plus it bores me :/

I know quite alot about relaxed hair care so i know that i can do this.

Last weekend i did a heavy protein treatment. Thats almost one week ago and because i haven’t washed my hair since then, i can go and get my hair permed today if i wanted to. I expect to have some money for that sometime next week so that i can go and make an appointment. I will be going to a pricy salon to get it done simply because i want the best for that first time. I would hate for anything to go wrong. I have been there before and my best friend actually got her first perm there a few months ago and she encouraged me to do the same (i actually introduced her to that salon 🙂

I am super excited about getting my hair done! I will also get it cut (maybe take off 2″) just so i can even everything out. I will definitely post some pictures on the same. I am so ready for this! Lets do this!