I do not think i will be buying this oil anymore. As stated in a previous post the only reason i bought it was that it was the only essential oil i could find (cheaply). Even though it was not as potent as i expected and it did not make my scalp tingle, i kind of liked how it smelled and i thought i could work it into my regimen. Well that won’t be happening.

Its about a week and two days since i washed and straightened my hair and it is doing okay. However, i can not say the same for my scalp! I was applying coconut oil on my scalp nightly and i think that’s the reason my hair is in good condition and not dried out. i have been slacking lately but i will get back to that tonight. For my scalp, i was using my coconut-castor-eucalyptus oil mix daily. I did not do that yesterday though.

So my scalp is not itchy but yesterday while i was observing my hair in front of the mirror (i do that a lot) i noticed that my scalp is dry. It looks like the onset of dandruff! I could not believe this because i have been taking good care of my hair and scalp! I thought about it and i believe it has to be because of the eucalyptus oil. That is the culprit that is responsible for my dry scalp. I know that it is supposed to be used for dry scalp but it seems to be doing the exact opposite for me.

Now my current batch is quite a lot so i do not know what to do with it. I will probably use it in my deep conditioners until it is all over. I think i should go back to just using castor oil by itself then sometime in the future i will also add coconut oil to it.

For now i believe the best thing to do is get some moisture back onto my scalp and since i do not want to wash my hair soon, i will use coconut oil daily till my next wash day.



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