Last weekend i did a henna gloss treatment. The reason i did this as opposed to the full strength treatment was because i only wanted the conditioning properties of henna minus the colour change. I knew the colour change would be inevitable so i tried to minimize it by doing a henna gloss.

I had been waiting for this moment for the longest time ever! First off, i clarified my hair with my shampoo. I did this because it had been 3 weeks since my last wash and my hair really needed that kind of cleansing. I obviously did not do a prepoo with oils which would defeat the purpose of clarifying (to strip off my hair of anything and everything).

Anyway, i did not want to do too much of my own thing so i tried as much as possible to follow the instructions on my henna pack. I used about 100g of my henna and mixed it with about half a cup of lukewarm water to form a paste. I was careful not to make it too thin. I then let it release the dye for 3 hours, then added my moisturizing conditioner moreso to make it easier to apply to my hair. I also added a little coconut oil to the mix because i simply love that oil and can’t help adding it to all my hair concoctions! I applied this mix to my freshly clarified, damp hair and let it sit for 3 hours.

Now i have to tell of my clarifying experience. I hated it! Usually when i shampoo my hair i use very little shampoo which i work through my hair with so much ease in one wash. This time however, i did 4-5 washes! It was as if my shampoo was not working or my hair wasn’t taking it in. When i finally got my hair clean, my arms were killing me! I think this happened because my hair was too dry.

freshly clarified hair

Back to the hennaing šŸ™‚ I have heard people describing the application process as messy but that wasn’t the case for me. I did get some henna on my back and on the floor but that was very little and only when applying to my first section of hair. Once i got the hang of it, it was a breeze. Maybe this was because i applied it in the same way i apply my deep conditioner so am used to it. I wore gloves which is an absolute must. I had sectioned my hair to make hennaing easy. I made sure i covered every millimeter of my hair.

henna gloss treatment

After 3 hours were over i rinsed the henna out of my hair with warm water. I did not wear gloves and did not need to. It looked like i was rinsing fine sand out of my hair! My hair felt rough and dry during the process but i expected that so it wasn’t a shock to me. I did a quick cowash and then towel dried my hair.

Now, my hair was super soft! it felt like really soft cotton wool! My hair has never felt like it did then! Most people say that henna loosens the curl pattern by my hair was kinkier! It was as if i had quadrupled the shrinkage i usually have after a wash. I did get some colour change but nothing drastic. It is almost unnoticable unless one looks very close in the light.Up to this point, i was pleased with the results.

Because henna dries out hair, it is advisable to deep condition afterwards and that is exactly what i did. I always leave my cholesterol in my hair overnight. In the morning i simply cowashed my hair again after rinsing out the conditioner and did a final rinse with cold water. I then t-shirt dried my hair.

moisture deep conditioning

Now i have to admit that my hair did not feel as soft as before and i couldn’t tell what the henna had done for me (apart from dye my hair dark-brownish). I know that it takes about 3 henna treatments for one to see proper results so i will do another henna gloss soon. Overall, my hair was moisturized and clean with a tint:)

henna’d hair…see the colour difference? slight tint

In the final stage of this long process, i applied my leave-in conditioner when my hair was damp and sealed with very little coconut oil. Mu hair always feels great after i do this. I then braided my hair (about 8-10 braids) because i did not want to have crazy shrinkage once it dried. I left this on till the following day (yesterday) when i massaged my scalp with castor oil and bunned after moisturizing with my rosewater and glycerine mix.

air drying in braids



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