This is simply holding your hair in a bun while it is wet/damp.

From April-September 2011, i used to wet bun, this was my everyday hairstyle. Yes it was boring but believe me, it helped me retain some length. What i really loved about it is the fact that my hair was never dry. You see, i used to cowash my hair daily and due to bunning most of the moisture would be retained throughout the day.

As the months went by, i started damp bunning because i got a little lazy and stopped cowashing daily. All i wanted to do was hold my hair back when getting ready for the day…nothing else. Anyway, i started using a water based moisturizer (darling braid spray) that i had not used in about a year, to dampen my hair when not using plain water or my rose water-glycerine mix.

I am still damp bunning like this and it has worked really well especially because my gel does not not harden on my hair at all! My hair stays moisturized till the very end of the day and its not like i use alot of the product. Months later, i still use my braid spray because i normally wash my hair once or twice a week at most.

I know i will continue dump bunning for a long time to come.

One thing that i did wrong though was bun too tightly. As a results my edges thinned out a bit but am growing them back now. Even though i still bun, the buns are very loose so i put no tension whatsoever on my scalp.


One thought on “WET/DAMP BUNNING

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