I have had the longest day ever! The heat today was unbelievable and right now that am home all i can think of is taking a shower. I wish it would rain tonight just so the dust settles ’cause boy is my hair dirty! Its dark and shiny (mostly due to product-i have been heavy handed this week) but i feel that its time for a wash.

I have decided to put off henna glossing for a couple of weeks so i won’t be doing that tonight. I will clarify my hair instead because of all the build up on it and my scalp due to dirt and product use and of course sebum 😛

I will also do a heavy protein treatment using my store bought protein deep conditioner mixed with oils, honey and an egg. I have never done this before so i am really hoping it goes well. This will stay on my hair for 3-4 hours then i will rinse it out (with cold water so i don’t cook the egg in my hair!). I will then follow up with my overnight cholesterol treatment which i will rinse out in the morning then cowash my hair.

There is so much to do but now…i need to take a shower and clean my hair!



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