Because i have made the decision to get a perm, i think it would be best if i start going to the salon to get my hair done…at least until i get the hang of having relaxed hair. People normally go to the salon every 2 weeks. Others go every week but lets face it that can be really costly.

After i get my relaxer, i will go back to the salon after 2 weeks for a wash and deep condition (treatment). After another 2 weeks i will go back again for another treatment. This is one of the reasons i am not in a rush to restock my products.

I plan to be very keen on what my hairdresser will be doing throughout because after that first month is over, i will go back to doing my own hair. I already know what to expect but i just want to see it done on my hair.

In between my salon visits, i will be massaging my scalp with coconut-castor oil mix as needed. Every night i will be applying coconut oil on my hair to keep it well moisturized, I do not plan on buying a moisturizer yet. coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and i know it works because i have used it numerous times nightly. In the mornings i will be applying vatika oil very lightly to my hair.

This is my plan for the first month. I hope it works out!


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