Unplanned wash day :/

My hair feels dry today. I can’t say that am surprised seeing that i haven’t been maintaining it like i should. I run out of most of my hair products a little over a week ago and that includes oils too Plus i’ve been a little lazy when it comes to tying my head scarf at night :O

I was hoping to relax my hair really soon and that is why the thought of washing my hair hasn’t crossed my mind till now. But because of the condition my hair is in right now, i just have to go ahead and wash it.

I will only shampoo and condition. No deep conditioning because i simply don’t have the time nor the deep conditioner. Anyway this should leave my hair pretty moisturized and clean.

I don’t want to use gel on my hair because that will require me to wash it out again before going to the salon soon. As a result, yea…i have to straighten it.

I know that i did this last weekend but the thing is, i can get it straight by blow drying it on cool which is what i did that time. I will try and flat iron doing just one pass through my hair so am not worried about using heat.

Since am going out today, i will buy some coconut oil which i’ll be using nightly to keep my hair and scalp nice and moisturized until my next salon visit.


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