When i woke up this morning, i stayed in bed for a really long time contemplating cutting my hair into a bob and getting me some bangs. I am really tired of thinking about this again and again so i guess the decision has been made! I will get a haircut soon…with bangs to boot!

In as much as i like to say that my hair is healthy, sometimes i think am kidding myself. Don’t get me wrong, it is much healthier than it was a year ago but i believe it could be better. My ends are really damaged and they need to go.

So here is my plan; we are already in the month of February and that means i should be relaxing my hair soon. After getting my 2″ trim at the salon, i will keep my hair that way for the rest of the month. On my 3rd salon visit in early March, i will get my hair cut into a bob and also get bangs.

I am no longer so focused on getting my hair to grow to a certain length within a given period, all i want right now is healthier hair. Besides it is a little embarrassing for me to be at the same length for so long (shoulder length since 2010?!) I want to be able to say, “i cut my hair again” just so i can shut people up! I mean anyone who knew me in 2007 knows that my hair was way longer and healthier back then, so there is always this looming question as to what happened to my hair.


One thought on “SO I PLAN TO CUT MY HAIR…

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