Today is Friday. Last Monday, i washed and conditioned my hair. I then straightened it and ever since that time i have been applying coconut oil on my hair and massaging my scalp with the same daily.

However, for the past couple of days, my scalp has been itching like crazy! At first i thought it was because the coconut oil was not enough, I usually mix it with castor oil but i ran out of it. But come to think of it, i got another applicator bottle for my oil and i don’t think i cleaned it properly. It initially had another oil not meant for hair or skin. So this has to be the reason my scalp is itchy right now.

The plan is to clarify my hair tonight. I will pour out the rest of the oil in the applicator bottle and clean the bottle once again…thoroughly this time. I might purchase some castor oil today but i don’t know, i’ll see.


2 thoughts on “MY SCALP ISSUE :(

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