MORE CONFESSIONS…and hair plans

Yesterday i went ahead and blew out my hair on high…then curled my ends. I know, i know. Using heat like this (on hair that is not freshly washed) is damaging to hair but i was going out for late lunch and to meet up with an old friend and i wanted to wear my hair down. It gets worse though. I forgot to use heat protectant when using the blow drier but i used it before flat ironing.

Anyway, my plan for later that night when i got home was to wash, condition, apply my conditioner then a little coconut oil and let it airdry overnight in a loose bun. However…i was too damn tired when i got back that i just fell asleep! This was meant to be my damage control plan and also to take care of my scalp issue.

Well, its morning now and i plan on executing my plan in a few hours. I will be going out for coffee with my best friends later and i won’t straighten my hair this time, i will just hold it back in a sock/doughnut bun. Of course i will use gel to slick it down (i have to). I will wait for it to dry first, wet/damp bunning doesn’t seem to work for me anymore.


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