On the 13th of February, which is about a week away, i will be getting my first relaxer ever. I am so excited and scared about this all at once but one thing thats for sure is that i really want to do this. Because it is a big deal to me, i have done my research mainly to prevent scalp burns and minimize over/under processing. Below is some of the information i have gathered. My friend thought it was interesting that i bothered to find out all these but i know its important. so here goes…

1. Avoid Washing Your Hair for 4-6 Days
This allows the scalp to produce adequate sebum which acts as a barrier during the relaxer treatment. Waiting any longer will make the scalp itchy and irritated, due to the dust and dirt accumulated causing you to scratch and create tears along the epidermis, or outermost layer, which can also contribute to serious scalp burns.

2. Apply Castor Oil to the Scalp Daily
This supplements the sebum that your scalp already produces, adding an additional barrier against the chemicals in the relaxer during the treatment process. The oils also help soften and condition the new growth, making it easier to manage and relax. Apply it to the scalp every other day the week before your relaxer.

3. Opt for Loose Styles
Try to avoid tight ponytails, braids or buns which place an enormous amount of stress on the hair and scalp, making the scalp sore or tender right before the touch up.

4. Avoid Rain and Sweat
If you get caught in rainstorm a few days before your appointment, consider rescheduling.
Rain water can wash away sebum and introduce the scalp to pollutants, soil, bacteria and other radioactive materials the rain has washed out of the air. Just wash and try to reschedule for another day.

If you are physically active, I would recommend avoiding rigorous exercise the week before a relaxer.
Sweat contains salt and waste that our body produces to detoxify itself. When sweat dries, it dehydrates the scalp, causing it to become itchy and irritated. Applying chemicals to a dehydrated scalp can….you guessed it, lead to scalp irritation during the relaxer treatment 🙂

5. Avoid Scratching
Our fingernails are incredibly sharp and carry a wide range of bacteria. Scratching the scalp causes lacerations on the epidermis. Bacteria can then travel deep into the dermis, the innermost layer of the scalp, and cause infection.

If you find your scalp becomes itchy during the week, apply coconut oil to the irritated sections. Coconut oil has a cooling quality and is therefore excellent for soothing inflamed areas.

In addition, avoid vigorous combing or brushing during the week of your appointment as it can also create tears along the scalp. Instead, use a wide tooth comb or soft boar bristle brush to style, avoiding the scalp as much as possible.

6. Try to Find the Best Relaxer for Your Hair
Each relaxer processes the hair differently. Therefore, to prevent variation in processing along the hair strand, try to find a relaxer you like and stick with it.

7. Sleek and Straight
Make sure to roller set or blow dry your hair sleek and straight the week before your touch up. This will make it easier for your stylist to part and apply the relaxer.

If your hair is curly or hard to detangle, the touch up will take longer and be less comfortable for you.

8. Color and Relaxers
To avoid double processing, wait at least 2-4 weeks to apply color.

9. Relaxing Under the Influence
The week before your touchup, avoid gels, mousses or any products that contain alcohol. These products can dehydrate the scalp and “glue” the hair together, making it harder for your stylist to section the hair and apply the relaxer.

10. Pre-Relaxer Regimen
Clarifying helps the relaxer penetrate the new growth more efficiently and the protein treatment helps fortify the previously relaxed hair.

Wash Day

a) Shampoo with Clarifying Shampoo
b) Shampoo with a Moisturizing/Detangling Shampoo
c) Deep condition with a protein conditioner
d) Rinse
e) Deep condition with a deep moisturizing conditioner
f) Apply leave-in conditioner and serum
g) Rollerset, blow out the roots and then saran wrap.


a) Apply Castor Oil to the scalp and hair
b) Wear in a loose bun or ponytail
c) Cover hair with a satin cap at night.

This information is from http://www.healthytextures.com/articles/20090521


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