Before meeting Jimmy yesterday, i had already laid out a plan of how i will be doing my hair at home. I have since reconsidered my decision and for a change i will let someone else help take care of my hair.

Jimmy was in my opinion very happy to take me on as his client. I know he is happy to have one more person paying him but seriously speaking, if he is doing a good job, then am happy to pay…no qualms. I also got the feeling that my hair is some kind of project he is eager to start on. Like he wants to turn it into something even more beautiful 😛

I know about relaxed hair but i have not had to deal with it, so i will let Jimmy do his thing in the salon and i will do what am supposed to do at home in between salon visits. I am honestly getting a little lazy so its good to have someone who is a professional pick up my slack 🙂 This essentially means that i am willing to go for 2 weeks without washing my hair.

I came to the realization that when my hair was longer, i never used to take care of it! Growing my hair long is not a problem. The problem i have now is that i do too much to my hair…all the manipulation it goes through is causing it to break off. I am confident that my hair will get longer and be healthy at the same time because now i am more informed about hair care. All i have to do is leave it alone.

All i will do at home is:
1) moisturize and seal daily or every other day
2) massage my scalp nightly with my oils
3) always cover my hair at night with a scarf
4) wear protective styles
5) try not to manipulate my hair
6) always use a wide tooth comb
7) wear my hair in loose styles…no more tight pony tails/buns

This almost sounds like a hair regimen…i will come up with one next week after talking to Jimmy some more. Can’t wait!



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