In preparation for my upcoming relaxer, i decided to prep my hair accordingly. It is advisable to do a strong protein treatment one week prior. This is what i did last night. I did not go out and buy expensive protein treatment or the kind i bought some time back when i did a strong protein treatment. I decided to use an egg. Yes. An egg. Well, actually i used 2 eggs 🙂

All i did was section my hair into 4 and apply the beaten eggs using my hand. One hand. I did it over the sink and it wasn’t messy like most girls say it is. I didn’t have egg all over me. I initially used one egg then decided to go over again with another just so i could ensure proper coverage moreso because i have a lot of hair. I then covered it with a plastic bag and left it on for 30 minutes. Am sure 10 minutes would been enough too.

After rinsing it out with cold water, i shampooed my hair afterwards and applied my cholesterol treatment which i left in my hair overnight. This was not how i had planned to do it though. The plan was to shampoo then do the egg treatment but i kinda forgot what i was doing. But it worked out fine. Other people do it like i did.

I really love the way it left my hair. Having the egg in my hair made my hair kinda weird feeling…hard. When i rinsed it out, my hair felt a little dry…not as dry as other people make it out to be…which is why i followed up with my cholesterol treatment. I can say for sure that this is a treatment that i will continue doing in future.

The protein in the egg coats each hair shaft and adds body and thickness. Basically, protein treatments are used to strengthen hair especially if you plan to subject your hair to harsh treatments (chemicals, color, heat…)


2 thoughts on “EGG FOR HAIR?

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