Yesterday i went to the salon to make an appointment for my upcoming relaxer day. The person who will do my hair is a guy called Jimmy. He seemed really nice and like he knew what he was talking about, (of course…its his job!), but i was a little nervous seeing that i love my hair so much and this being my first chemical treatment…well, i was nervous.

Jimmy took a look at my hair texture and said that my hair wasn’t as coarse as i was telling him it was :O I told him that i wash my hair at least weekly and that was why it was soft and that i just wanted to ensure that they don’t use a relaxer that would be too mild for my hair. He assured me that wouldn’t happen…he would do a great job.

He did also say that my hair was dry and i think i got a kinda defensive, i mean i always ensure that my hair is not dry! I had held my hair in a ‘bunny’ tail so i had to take it down for him to take a look at my hair and i told him that the ends were the ones that were dry because they were exposed. He said that in terms of hair types…i had dry hair. Yea! Now i know, though i never thought of my hair as oily either.

Anyway, i will let the guy do his job and i know he will do it well. He gave me his number so i will call him on Thursday/Friday…probably Thursday.

When i left the salon, i was nervous-happy. It was as if finally this is happening…AM GETTING A RELAXER!


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