I absolutely had a great experience πŸ™‚ Am glad Jimmy was my stylist and he will continue doing my hair from now on. He really made the experience worthwhile.

My mum had told me that sometimes powder is used to base the scalp. I had never heard of that, and that is what was used on me. It was unexpected, though i had been previously worried that if i used an oil on my scalp, the relaxer would not take well. Everything went as planned because i did not experience any relaxer burns whatsoever! I felt nothing πŸ™‚

Jimmy initially applied the relaxer haphazardly and quickly…not being thorough and i was a bit worried he wouldn’t get it well done but he went over and over each strand till everything was covered (he knew what he was doing πŸ˜› )

Deep conditioning under the dryer was the best part ever! I completely got lost in my magazine. Those 13 minutes were heavenly to say the least. I have been under the dryer before but that was a long time ago and i usually deep condition my hair overnight without heat. This made me wish i had a dryer :/ My time at the sink was great too πŸ™‚

My trim was not what i expected. He cut less hair than i wanted but i did not say anything because it actually came out nice again, guy knows his job.) I probably lost about half an inch or less…he was not scissor happy and am glad!

I have to say i wasn’t particularly thrilled to see him bring out some solid hair oil. But lets face it, which salon uses natural oils? Besides, i never had any problems with these oils (solid kind) before and i know this is what will always be used on my scalp in salons. I loved the scalp massage though πŸ™‚

Wrapping my hair was a breeze for Jimmy and he made sure i knew how to do it. I think using the roller at the top did the trick (which is what i did last night) i have tried this before on straight hair but it was rather difficult but now my hair has great body and bounce which makes it easy.

Wrapping my hair in a hair net and using a diffuser is just like the ‘saran wrap method’ where a cling film is used instead of the hair net.

The ors oil sheen smelled really nice πŸ™‚

Throughout the relaxer process my hair underwent very little manipulation because it was straight with no tangles so am happy about that.


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