I don’t know why i forgot to post about this! I am so happy to have finally gotten my hair trimmed. Funny enough i thought Jimmy was not cutting enough…i wanted him to cut some more but am happy with the results. My hair is shorter in a way. Its not so bad because i got the haircut i wanted without actually going for it 😉 I am not fully at shoulder length…neck length maybe? No. i just don’t know :-/

You see, my hair is shorter at the back while the front and sides are relatively long and go past my chin. With my trim. i look like i have a bob cut when i style it that way. Cool. Right? The only thing thats odd is that he cut a small section of my hair at the crown of my head really short it sticks up sometimes. Odd, but not bad. I can style my hair into a Japanese-like hairstyle which i absolutely love complete with the pesky spikey hair sticking out 🙂

I do not think i will cut me some bangs though…i will go for a side swept look without actually cutting my hair. This look suits me so well.


One thought on “MY TRIM / HAIRCUT…LOVE IT!

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