Yep. Thats what i’ve been told. A family member told me that my hair looked like plastic…is that a compliment? I have just come from the hospital and the pharmacist there asked if this is my real hair? I told her it was and she said, “what are you saying?” I said, “yea…its mine”. She said that she was looking at my part and the rest looked like a weave…i told her that i got a perm last week and before that it was natural…

Looks like am back to where i was 5 years ago when people would ask me if my hair was real (as opposed to a weave). It takes a little getting used to. I have always taken it as a compliment 🙂 I remember when i came home after getting the perm, my mum asked if it was all mine… 🙂

I am 1 week 1 day post relaxer and my hair looks really good. As if i just had it done. Funny thing is that in 3 days time i will be back in the salon for treatment and i bet it will still look as good as it does right now.

On Sunday (day after tomorrow) I will be attending a family lunch party thing and no one in my extended family knows about my relaxer…can’t wait to see their reaction! My cousins will be shocked that i did it then they will be like “you cut your hair again?” haha… this will be interesting


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