I wore my hair straight for the past two weeks. It was okay i guess but when i looked at it yesterday before leaving for the salon, i didn’t like how flat it looked.

Now that it has body due to rollersetting, i will wear it like that till the fullness drops. If i don’t go out on Friday, i will rock a braid-out on that day and during the weekend.

For next week, i will do a two-strand bantu knot-out. I hope that comes out great. At least i won’t be combing my hair then…yay! for low manipulation style πŸ™‚



Yesterday afternoon i went to the salon for my biweekly wash, deep condition and rollerset. All was well.

I checked my hair when i was wet to see how much new growth i had but at almost 6 weeks, i don’t have much to show. My new growth was really soft so am happy with that. My hair has however started gaining so much volume (thanks to the new growth), then again it could be because of the rollerset πŸ˜‰

When i was about to leave the salon, Jimmy told me that we should start thinking of colouring my hair. WHAT???! I told him my hair would break….i didn’t want it. He tried to convince me some more but i would hear none of it…then again, he was just mentioning it so i know next time he will try to explain the whole thing better.

I know that would look good especially if i got it professionally done but am scared. Am probably scared the same way i was about getting a relaxer…which means i might go for it some day. I know that it is possible to have healthy colour-treated hair but am just not ready for that yet.

I have to consider the fact that i will be doing my own hair in the very near future and i will need regular touch-ups and i had better know how to take care of that hair myself…sigh!

Anyway, that was my hair day πŸ˜›


My hair stopped breaking when…
* i reduced the frequency and amount of heat i used on my hair at
* i started cowashing daily (keeping my hair moisturized at all times)
* i got a relaxer! (easy to manage hence less manipulation)

My number 1 tip to retain length is…
* Moisturizing and sealing my ends daily

My favourite protective style is…
* none at the moment because i love wearing my hair down
* when i was natural i loved bunning

In the last month i realized/learned…
* that it is really important to wrap your hair at night with a scarf
* i need to be alot more gentle with my hair
* if hair does not retain moisture well, clarify & use porosity control conditioner (i think an acv rinse would work too)

I still don’t understand…
* the porosity issue
* protein moisture balance
(haven’t had to deal with either…no problems there πŸ™‚ )


Since i got my relaxer i have been really diligent about tying my headscarf for bed. There are times when am too tired to do it (when i just hop onto my bed and not get into the covers just so i can rest for a bit) and during such times, i just place my headscarf on my pillow and lie on it…kinda like having a silk pillowcase. Anyway, am really happy that i have been able to take care of my hair on that front.

Initially i knew that i needed to use my headscarf so that my hair retains moisture and oils but when i thought about it some more, this is not the only reason. There is the issue with friction, split ends and so much more! I read up a bit and put together what i learnt below. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Wrapping hair at night with a silk/satin scarf helps to maintain the hair. Having your hair rub against cotton fabric causes friction. Friction leads to split ends (weaken hair) and static (hence frizz). Silk is slippery, therefore, it will reduce the amount of friction. Before wrapping the hair, moisturize and seal it.

A scarf will help the hair:
1) hold/retain moisture during sleep because traditional cotton pillowcases/fabric draw moisture out of the hair and may even damage hair follicles. Moisture helps keep static from making your hair frizz. Also, wear a scarf when you’re hanging out at home to hold in extra moisture.

2) not catch on the pillow and linens and break off during sleep

3) not get tangled as it would get if you were to go to sleep tossing and turning. This also helps maintain your hairstyle as untangled hair is easier to style in the mornings. Hairstylist all over the world suggests that women wrap their heads with silk scarves at night to have naturally silky hair.

To be on the safe side, just use a scarf!

What Men Notice First About A Woman…HAIR!

β€œI notice her hair and feet, especially if she’s wearing open-toe sandals. How a woman’s hair and feet look tells me how much she takes care of herself.” – Derrick, 39

β€œNatural, long, flowing hair always deserves a second look. It’s the first thing you notice from far away, and it frames desirable features on her face. Hair color and length provide first impression clues into her personality. The only downfall to good hair is that, down the road, you have to wait for your girlfriend to finish doing it!” – Andy, 23

“I always notice a girl’s hair first, especially if it’s long and shiny – it hypnotizes me and I want to touch it.” – Dan, 31

β€œI look at her hair first, followed by her eyes. The body only really comes into play after that, and then only if she has remarkable attributes and is showing them off.” – Joseph, 33

β€œI notice her hair first, and I tend to judge her habits based on that first impression. In my experience, women with healthy, stylish hair tend to have better overall health habits, and they also tend to take pride in themselves and their careers.” – Anthony, 33




Last night i noticed that my hair was kinda dry. I knew it was because i have only been moisturizing and sealing the hairline and ends and not the entire hair shaft. Anyway, i decided to focus on all my hair then tied my head scarf and went to bed.

This morning, my hair had absorbed most of the moisture and oil but was still kinda dry so i decided to M&S again. I then covered my hair with a shower cap because i was going to take a shower next. I realized i could baggy for a while till sometime after i got dressed, which is what i did.

Later on in the evening, i noticed that oil was sorta dripping from the ends of my hair (bangs)…all i can say now is eeewww…i used a lot of product in my hair and didn’t even realize it! My hair was not really weighed down…i guess because coconut oil is such a light oil. Anyway, i had to blot some of the oil out with some tissue…yea, tissue and my hair is still kinda oily.

I wanted to oil my hair tomorrow night…as a prepoo because i will get my hair shampooed on Monday morning which is when i have a salon appointment but with the way my hair is right now, looks like i won’t be doing that.


I can’t wait to get my finances in order! I think i will do the following once i do:

1) Do a monthly (or biweekly) henna gloss treatment. This will be done in place of protein treatments. I think hennaing will be more beneficial. I need to strengthen my hair so that it does not break easily. My hair is not breaking but i want to make it really strong so that it can withstand whatever…

2) Start taking garlic supplements to minimize shedding. Garlic does this by blocking DHT. DHT is a male hormone (women or men could be a target) that attacks the hair follicles and prevents the hair from growing out naturally.

3) Continue taking my cod liver oil for omega 3 (best follicle fuel) and vitamin D benefits.