I love it! I’ve just gotten home from watching “Miss Persia” a musical πŸ˜‰ awesome production it was. I wore my hair down as always (did a braid out the previous night).

Anyway, on the way home i was touching my part and couldn’t help but notice the new growth. It feels really good…thank God i wasn’t driving! I actually noticed it when i was only 1 week post relaxer which was totally unexpected. I thought it came in too quick. I can’t complain though πŸ™‚ I want to see how it will be at 12 weeks post! By then my hair will be 1.5″ longer!

My focus has now has expanded to keeping this new growth moisturized/soft…hence baggying. Since am yet to start on that, i should be massaging my scalp with oils which i haven’t done in a few days (shame on me…my scalp is getting itchy and i saw a little dandruff on my part)


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