Since i got my relaxer i have been really diligent about tying my headscarf for bed. There are times when am too tired to do it (when i just hop onto my bed and not get into the covers just so i can rest for a bit) and during such times, i just place my headscarf on my pillow and lie on it…kinda like having a silk pillowcase. Anyway, am really happy that i have been able to take care of my hair on that front.

Initially i knew that i needed to use my headscarf so that my hair retains moisture and oils but when i thought about it some more, this is not the only reason. There is the issue with friction, split ends and so much more! I read up a bit and put together what i learnt below. Enjoy 🙂

Wrapping hair at night with a silk/satin scarf helps to maintain the hair. Having your hair rub against cotton fabric causes friction. Friction leads to split ends (weaken hair) and static (hence frizz). Silk is slippery, therefore, it will reduce the amount of friction. Before wrapping the hair, moisturize and seal it.

A scarf will help the hair:
1) hold/retain moisture during sleep because traditional cotton pillowcases/fabric draw moisture out of the hair and may even damage hair follicles. Moisture helps keep static from making your hair frizz. Also, wear a scarf when you’re hanging out at home to hold in extra moisture.

2) not catch on the pillow and linens and break off during sleep

3) not get tangled as it would get if you were to go to sleep tossing and turning. This also helps maintain your hairstyle as untangled hair is easier to style in the mornings. Hairstylist all over the world suggests that women wrap their heads with silk scarves at night to have naturally silky hair.

To be on the safe side, just use a scarf!



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