Yesterday afternoon i went to the salon for my biweekly wash, deep condition and rollerset. All was well.

I checked my hair when i was wet to see how much new growth i had but at almost 6 weeks, i don’t have much to show. My new growth was really soft so am happy with that. My hair has however started gaining so much volume (thanks to the new growth), then again it could be because of the rollerset 😉

When i was about to leave the salon, Jimmy told me that we should start thinking of colouring my hair. WHAT???! I told him my hair would break….i didn’t want it. He tried to convince me some more but i would hear none of it…then again, he was just mentioning it so i know next time he will try to explain the whole thing better.

I know that would look good especially if i got it professionally done but am scared. Am probably scared the same way i was about getting a relaxer…which means i might go for it some day. I know that it is possible to have healthy colour-treated hair but am just not ready for that yet.

I have to consider the fact that i will be doing my own hair in the very near future and i will need regular touch-ups and i had better know how to take care of that hair myself…sigh!

Anyway, that was my hair day 😛


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