I have been MIA for a while now but now am back. So much has been going on in terms of hair.

Last Friday i had to drop of my papers off at a certain company and since that was last minute, i had to fix my hair quickly. I blew it out on high then curled my ends under.

I had planned to do my hair that night but i got home late and tired so i skipped that. Today, i really did not have much time to do my hair so i just cowashed it, blew it out on high then flat ironed. I chose not to shampoo because i wasn’t going to deep condition my hair afterwards. Shampooing would dry out my hair.

My hair come out really flowy and light after the flat ironing. I loved that but because i had dried out my hair by using hot tools, i moisturized and sealed. I was a little heavy handed with that but thats how i wanted it so that it can be absorbed throughout the night. Tomorrow it will look and feel much better.

I know that i have been using heat weekly for the past 3 weeks and i hope that i won’t have to do it again in months to come. I am currently 10 weeks 3 days post and my new growth is really showing especially along the front hairline. My cousin told me today that i should really get a touch up…she’s right, i look drab 😦 I have a feeling that might stretch to 13 weeks…

If my hair feels dry in the course of the week, i will go ahead and do a deep conditioning treatment. If not, i will just wait till next weekend.

Today was a success 🙂 Now i have to think about how i will style my hair tomorrow so that i can prep it tonight. I will be going for an interview so i don’t want anything fancy…just an elegant simple do…NOT A BUN though 😉



As i stated in the previous post, i have started to notice that i am retaining length. This is a great thing. The only issue is that i am at that awkward stage: shoulder length. Continue reading


6 months is how long its taken me to see significant change in the state of my hair. I started my hair journey in November 2011 as a natural. Towards the end of December (2 month mark), i noticed that my new growth was coming in really good…wavier and thicker. I think it was because of weekly overnight oil prepoos and deep conditioning. My hair was healthy but the ends kept breaking off because i wasn’t really gentle with my hair on wash days. So even though my hair was growing (i could see the healthy new growth) i was not retaining length. I relaxed my hair in February 2012 and had to trim my hair so still no length retention, my regimen changed and now, almost 6 months since i begun my journey and at 9weeks 3 days post, i am no longer experiencing breakage and am starting to see length 🙂 I can honestly say that my hair is the healthiest its ever been.

Full shoulder length, am coming for you!


On Friday night i washed, conditioned and deep conditioned my hair overnight. Before all that, i combed through my hair and it was really soft and shiny then. Come Saturday, i cowashed my hair (because it makes my hair softer than the deep conditioner does). I then did what my hair stylist does which is apply leave-in and moisturizer before rollersetting. I also sealed my hair with a little coconut oil.

Rollersetting was challenging for me because i was using bobby pins. It took me about 30 minutes to do it which is a shorter time than i expected though my set was not neat and smooth. I also had a spray bottle to wet my hair as i rollerset. I did not use all my rollers, 2 packs would have been enough…i have 3 packs.

Drying was not easy either. I do not have a hooded dryer so i used my blow dryer instead. I was time consuming yet i was using the highest setting. I was not worried about that amount of heat because the dryer was about 6″ away from my head (indirect heat). I did not use my heat protectant because my moisturizer also acts as a heat protectant.

I had plans for later that day and because my hair was taking too long to dry, i gave up 😦 The back had actually dried but i had no time to continue with that process. The dried up sections were not as curly as i would have wanted if i was to rock a curly hairstyle so i am now sure that getting the ‘lottabody setting lotion’ is a must. I decided to blow out my hair and it came out full as if i had been air drying it 😦 I was running out of time and started panicking so i curled my ends using my flat iron because i was going to wear it down.

I hated what i did to my hair and how it turned out but my friend said that he loved how it smelled. Am so glad i did not use a bunch of products, my hair was light and not weighed down and i really love how my leave-in conditioner smells…but the scent was the only good thing about my hair. Don’t get me wrong, my hair was really soft and full and shiny too (i also used my sheen spray). It wasn;t aas shiny as it was before the cowash though 😦 Because i was away from home for the entire weekend, i ended up not wrapping my hair with a scarf for the night.

Because of all the manipulation and heat use i subjected my hair to, i cowashed my hair once i got home and i am currently airdrying it in a bun under a scarf. I initially wanted to comb it out and let it dry like that but my roots need to be stretched. I needed to replenish the moisture it lost. I hope i did not damage my ends. I know i will not have a fab hair week even though i am due for a salon visit in 2 days. I will not go to the salon till i decide to get a relaxer in 12-16 weeks. I know i will not have a cute hair-do until i get a relaxer but right now am not in the mood for that.

I was doing well on my hair journey but i really messed up and i hope my hair does not suffer because of that.


I finally have the things i need for tomorrows rollerset. I bought 2 more packs of magnetic rollers (@Ksh75) so now i have 36 rollers. I also bought a pack of bobby pins (KSh.75) to hold down the rollers. I bought a satin scarf (Ksh.180) which is bigger than the ones i have and i so far i love it. Its really big so am able tie it in a way that ensures it doesn’t slip off at night. I will go out and buy more soon. I got a rat tail comb too. I wasn’t planning on buying it because i have a comb thats got a fine tooth section but when i saw how much it was going for (KSh.20) i had to have it 🙂

I know that using setting lotion for rollersets helps keep the style for longer especially if you want curls. I read up on it a bit and i think i will buy the ‘lottabody setting lotion’. I will post about it once i get it. I have seen it around but never really paid attention to it. I want to have my hair straight after tomorrow’s rollerset so i won’t be needing the setting lotion. However, the next rollerset i do will be for a curly style so i hope to have bought the ‘lottabody’ by then.

I have watched so many videos on rollersetting and saran wrap so i pray to God that my first attempt is successful.


I shampooed my hair a couple of hours ago and i just don’t understand whats going on! When my hair was natural there were times when i would shampoo my hair once a week and all i did was one wash and the shampoo would lather so well in my hair. I used to use very little shampoo back then and thats why i chose to stick with that brand. Now, i have to do multiple washes with the same shampoo before it lathers. Tonight, the first wash was not so good so i rinsed it off and the second one lathered pretty good.

The same thing happened on Monday during my cowash which led me to think that perhaps i had build up. The initial plan was to prepoo with oils then shampoo but because of the supposed ‘build up’, i decided to just shampoo which would act as clarifying for me since my shampoo really cleans my hair…it has sulfates. Now am beginning to question the products my stylist uses on my hair when i go to the salon. I know they once used a silicone based hair polisher but that was way back. I just don’t know whats going on.

Well, my hair did get clean after 2 shampoo washes and it was stripped but after i put conditioner on it…it was ubber soft! I used very little conditioner and did only one wash 🙂 My hair had great slip so i detangled using my wide tooth comb. The hair that came out was shed hair (i checked) and it wasn’t a lot. Because this was the first time washing my hair like that at home since i got my relaxer, i spent quite some time admiring my hair in the mirror 😉 so i let the conditioner sit in there for a while.

After rinsing out the conditioner with warm water, i wrapped my hair with a towel and let the excess water get soaked up the i applied my cholesterol treatment generously throughout my hair. I mixed my deep conditioner with coconut oil, amla oil and honey. I accidentally spilled in more coconut oil than i wanted but i told myself that it would be like an oil treatment as well, so no worries 🙂 I noticed that i needed less deep conditioner than i did when i was natural. I ensured proper coverage…completely saturating my hair.

The deep conditioner is still in my hair as i blog…2 hours since i put it in. I covered my hair with a plastic bag (works better for me than a shower cap) and then used my satin scarf. I plan to keep my hair as is till morning, so, overnight.

One thing i am so pleased with and can’t seem to get enough of is the shine! My hair was shiny before washing and even as i applied my deep conditioner i noticed how shiny it was. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow when this whole process is done.


Because i cowashed my hair, its gotten kinda bushy such that it looks natural! It isn’t coily or curly…just fluffy. I absolutely love it this way because its almost like having manageable natural hair! I can manipulate it to look natural if i want to…talk about having the best of both worlds 🙂

I massaged my scalp with my castor-coconut oil mix which i said i wouldn’t use but i need to finish up that batch first. I then moisturized and sealed my hair lightly because i wanted to maintain that fluffy look it had and not weigh it down. Then I wore it down for the day and it was all over the place. I love that it was not flat like it tends to be at times. I had waves at the back from drying it in a ponytail. Lesson learnt.

My hair is really soft and i can feel the new growth better because it reverted. My hair doesn’t have that good polished look i usually have nowadays…right now its just blah! It looks so basic and blah 😦 This is the downside of being on a hair journey…you will not always look cute. Chances of having a bad hair day are really high 🙂