Yep. Am back at it again. I have decided to get my relaxer next month at 12 weeks post (birthday week) instead of 16 weeks post. I will be turning 1 year older and since i don’t have much planned for that, i decided to treat myself to a fresh relaxer and a new hairstyle ‘bangs!’

I am so excited about this though i will make sure i take enough pictures of me with my hair as it is right now.

I am not worried or scared of cutting my hair because it is growing and is going to continue growing so its time to bring out the scissors 🙂

I decided this was the best thing for me because:
1) i will be wearing my air straight for the next one year or so (as opposed to doing braid outs/bantu knot-outs). Like i said before, i don’t like the way i look in these styles with my current hair length. I will wait till i get to arm pit length (APL) to do that.

2) i prefer high ponytails as opposed to low ones and i also like to swoop some hair across my forehead (i have a high forehead) when i hold my hair back. Now it is almost impossible to wear these two (high pony+swooped look) at the same time. So a way to go about this in my opinion is to get bangs. So yea…

3) i simply love the look and i want a new look! Need i explain this?

4) its a bold thing to do and i wanna do it (lol! rebelious much?) I remember telling my friend early last year that i would never cut my hair into a style. But now i want to and i will. I have decided to live my life boldly and i like trying out new things so getting bangs = bold especially since he people i know are scared of cutting their hair…even getting trims 😮

5 more weeks to go 😉


One thought on “DREAMING OF BANGS :)

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