Due to weather changes in the last couple of days, my coconut oil solidified for the first time since i bought it early last month.

Now, i use a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil in an applicator bottle to oil my scalp but because the coconut oil solidified i kinda got a little lazy about going to get some hot water to melt it (i do it late at night so sometimes am really tired) and as a result i skipped oiling my scalp for a few nights.

I know not to melt it in the microwave because i did that with my last batch and i ended up with globs of the oil that almost couldn’t melt. I think i ruined that batch.

Anyway, because i wasn’t oiling my scalp, it started to itch. It wasn’t so bad in the beginning but last night it got really bad and i felt something like a pimple on my scalp. I couldn’t take it anymore so i got my oil, melted it then massaged it into my scalp. The relief was unbelivable!

I went to bed and today my scalp is all good. Am happy about that. Now i know am not wasting my money buying coconut/castor oil. They really work! 🙂


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