TREATMENT #4 *bad experience*

I feel like saying that this was my worst salon experience since i got my relaxer. I called my stylist well in advance as always and even got there early.

When Jimmy came up to the reception desk to receive me, he reached out his hand across the counter to feel my hair…weird. I had already said that i wanted treatment (wash,deep condition and rollerset) but he wanted me to get a relaxer. He really wanted me to get it but there was no way i was going to because i am only 8 weeks post, i don’t have the money for that now and thats not what i wanted anyway!

They seemed to be very busy but he was free so we got started after a few minutes seeing that there was only one functional sink at that moment. The guy who washed my hair did a better job than last time (when i felt as if he was using his nails to clean my scalp!) This time he did it right and i wanted him to keep going because, like i said before, my scalp was itchy and still is 😦

Before my hair was rollerset, while it was still wet, i felt my new growth and it was so soft…i love it! I really don’t get why Jimmy wants me to get a relaxer that bad. I mean, sure my hair is puffy when i wash it but i get it straightened (rollerset) and it looks good after that! I have no problem dealing with my hair at home but i guess the new growth is a challenge to him when my hair is wet…i don’t want to sound mean, but isn’t it his job to straighten it…jobs are supposed to be challenging right? He was still talking about me getting relaxer even when rollersetting agggrrr!

Afterwards when it came to styling, he oiled my scalp and i don’t know how this happened but he got a flat iron! It was as if he was trying to prove a point…that my hair really needs help! I was hoping to lay off direct heat for a really really long time that i even opted to forego it on my birthday next month (VERY SPECIAL DAY TO ME!) and there he was with a flat iron. I checked the setting he used and it was somewhere between 120-140 degrees, 130 perhaps? After he had done a better part of my hair i realized that he did not use a heat protectant! and he always uses it when i dry my rollerset under the hooded dryer! At this point i really didn’t care what was happening. T o make matters worse, he went over some sections upto 7 times with the flat iron and its not like he was doing just the roots, no, he was going through the entire length of my hair!

In the end my hair looked good but i don’t think all that was necessary. I think he was just complicating things so that next time i can go for a relaxer. I had told him that i wanted to stretch for 12 weeks. He had agreed to this when i got my relaxer, maybe my hair surprised him! He didn’t expect this much growth? And to think i wanted to stretch for 16 weeks, ha!

As if i hadn’t had enough, i got caught in the rain. YEA! And i didn’t have an umbrella 😦 I did not buy one because the prices were exaggerated…trying to take advantage of desperate people 😦 I wasn’t that desperate plus i had a scarf in my bag which i used to cover my hair. My hair did get damp, especially the crown area, but i really wasn’t bothered by that at all. All i really wanted that day was to get my scalp cleaned and hair washed and deep conditioned. I got that done, the rest didn’t matter.

My hair right now is really puffy so i’ll have to bring out my blowdryer and flat iron. I really didn’t want to use heat but now i have to. But with what happened at the salon, i don’t care anymore.
Its 2 a.m right now and i can’t get no sleep. I will blow out my hair on cool then flat iron in the morning. I WILL USE HEAT PROTECTANT.


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