Because i was rained on and my hair got wet, i had to do something about it because my hair was all frizzy. So, i tried to blow dry my hair but that didn’t work because my hair was so soft. I then decided to flat iron and i pretty much got it straight.

I focused mainly on the roots and did a decent job if i may say so šŸ˜‰ I did 1 pass on the length of my hair.

To be honest, my hair didn’t look good liked i’d have wanted it to at that point and the ends were just straight so i used my flat iron to curl them under. I massaged my scalp with my oil mix and i was gong to wrap it but i looked dry.

I know it wasn’t totally dry because i had deep conditioned it the previous day but it was lacking shine and wasn’t juicy looking like it always is. I moisturized and sealed and that seemed to help a lot. So, i wrapped my hair and had it covered with my scarf till night time.

As always i couldn’t sleep so here i am now..blogging šŸ™‚

I took down my wrap and my hair is ok. I don’t know how am going to style it in the morning because i will be going to my Gandma’s. It doesn’t have the swing/movement it usually has but it looks ok…i keep telling myself that!


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