With the state my hair is in right now, am beginning to think that maybe Jimmy was right. I really should get a relaxer. I feel that my hair is not at the top of its game right now moreso because i used direct heat on it. I like not using that kind of heat,its healthier then

I like how my hair feels right upto 6 weeks post but since i can’t relax at that point, i think i should stretch to 8 weeks the get a touch up relaxer.

I know stretching for long is good for he health of the hair (if you can manage it well) but 8 weeks isn’t bad either. I know that most people start protective styling at this point with braids, micro-braids, cornrows and what not but i don’t want that. These styles tend to put too much tension on my scalp moreso the hairline because they are done tightly. I don’t want them at all. I want to wear my hair straight and i love it that way.

I guess the only way to get my hair the way i want without using direct heat is to get a relaxer at 8 weeks post. Am a little sad that i can’t stretch beyond this…i could if i wanted to wear my hair curly.


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