I am still not okay with what i did to my hair last week. I feel like i messed everything up! Its been 3 days since i moisturized and sealed mostly because i was away on Saturday…gone to see Grandma, and when i got back i was too tired to do anything. Right now am just too lazy to do it.

My hair doesn’t have that fresh out of the salon look it usually has at around this time but it still looks good. Its not flat and i like how my ends are still kinda curled under from when i flat ironed.

Nonetheless, i have decided to do a cowash later in the night (its 1 am right now will do that at 10pm) so that i can put back the moisture i lost from flat ironing. My hair is not dry but i feel that it could be better and it has been better before.

I am so excited about this because it will be my first time washing/cowashing my hair at home since i got a relaxer. I can’t wait for the actual time to get here. I initially wanted to do it on Wednesday but that is be too far away…so Monday it is 🙂

My plan is to cowash, then aidry overnight in a ponytail which will be in a roller. I want to have my ends curled the i have them now only without heat…hence the roller. I am still trying to figure out whether or not i will use gel to slick my edges…i don’t want to but i’ll see. I will of course tie a scarf to keep my hair slicked down.


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