Because i cowashed my hair, its gotten kinda bushy such that it looks natural! It isn’t coily or curly…just fluffy. I absolutely love it this way because its almost like having manageable natural hair! I can manipulate it to look natural if i want to…talk about having the best of both worlds 🙂

I massaged my scalp with my castor-coconut oil mix which i said i wouldn’t use but i need to finish up that batch first. I then moisturized and sealed my hair lightly because i wanted to maintain that fluffy look it had and not weigh it down. Then I wore it down for the day and it was all over the place. I love that it was not flat like it tends to be at times. I had waves at the back from drying it in a ponytail. Lesson learnt.

My hair is really soft and i can feel the new growth better because it reverted. My hair doesn’t have that good polished look i usually have nowadays…right now its just blah! It looks so basic and blah 😦 This is the downside of being on a hair journey…you will not always look cute. Chances of having a bad hair day are really high 🙂


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