I finally have the things i need for tomorrows rollerset. I bought 2 more packs of magnetic rollers (@Ksh75) so now i have 36 rollers. I also bought a pack of bobby pins (KSh.75) to hold down the rollers. I bought a satin scarf (Ksh.180) which is bigger than the ones i have and i so far i love it. Its really big so am able tie it in a way that ensures it doesn’t slip off at night. I will go out and buy more soon. I got a rat tail comb too. I wasn’t planning on buying it because i have a comb thats got a fine tooth section but when i saw how much it was going for (KSh.20) i had to have it 🙂

I know that using setting lotion for rollersets helps keep the style for longer especially if you want curls. I read up on it a bit and i think i will buy the ‘lottabody setting lotion’. I will post about it once i get it. I have seen it around but never really paid attention to it. I want to have my hair straight after tomorrow’s rollerset so i won’t be needing the setting lotion. However, the next rollerset i do will be for a curly style so i hope to have bought the ‘lottabody’ by then.

I have watched so many videos on rollersetting and saran wrap so i pray to God that my first attempt is successful.


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