I shampooed my hair a couple of hours ago and i just don’t understand whats going on! When my hair was natural there were times when i would shampoo my hair once a week and all i did was one wash and the shampoo would lather so well in my hair. I used to use very little shampoo back then and thats why i chose to stick with that brand. Now, i have to do multiple washes with the same shampoo before it lathers. Tonight, the first wash was not so good so i rinsed it off and the second one lathered pretty good.

The same thing happened on Monday during my cowash which led me to think that perhaps i had build up. The initial plan was to prepoo with oils then shampoo but because of the supposed ‘build up’, i decided to just shampoo which would act as clarifying for me since my shampoo really cleans my hair…it has sulfates. Now am beginning to question the products my stylist uses on my hair when i go to the salon. I know they once used a silicone based hair polisher but that was way back. I just don’t know whats going on.

Well, my hair did get clean after 2 shampoo washes and it was stripped but after i put conditioner on it…it was ubber soft! I used very little conditioner and did only one wash 🙂 My hair had great slip so i detangled using my wide tooth comb. The hair that came out was shed hair (i checked) and it wasn’t a lot. Because this was the first time washing my hair like that at home since i got my relaxer, i spent quite some time admiring my hair in the mirror 😉 so i let the conditioner sit in there for a while.

After rinsing out the conditioner with warm water, i wrapped my hair with a towel and let the excess water get soaked up the i applied my cholesterol treatment generously throughout my hair. I mixed my deep conditioner with coconut oil, amla oil and honey. I accidentally spilled in more coconut oil than i wanted but i told myself that it would be like an oil treatment as well, so no worries 🙂 I noticed that i needed less deep conditioner than i did when i was natural. I ensured proper coverage…completely saturating my hair.

The deep conditioner is still in my hair as i blog…2 hours since i put it in. I covered my hair with a plastic bag (works better for me than a shower cap) and then used my satin scarf. I plan to keep my hair as is till morning, so, overnight.

One thing i am so pleased with and can’t seem to get enough of is the shine! My hair was shiny before washing and even as i applied my deep conditioner i noticed how shiny it was. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow when this whole process is done.


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