On Friday night i washed, conditioned and deep conditioned my hair overnight. Before all that, i combed through my hair and it was really soft and shiny then. Come Saturday, i cowashed my hair (because it makes my hair softer than the deep conditioner does). I then did what my hair stylist does which is apply leave-in and moisturizer before rollersetting. I also sealed my hair with a little coconut oil.

Rollersetting was challenging for me because i was using bobby pins. It took me about 30 minutes to do it which is a shorter time than i expected though my set was not neat and smooth. I also had a spray bottle to wet my hair as i rollerset. I did not use all my rollers, 2 packs would have been enough…i have 3 packs.

Drying was not easy either. I do not have a hooded dryer so i used my blow dryer instead. I was time consuming yet i was using the highest setting. I was not worried about that amount of heat because the dryer was about 6″ away from my head (indirect heat). I did not use my heat protectant because my moisturizer also acts as a heat protectant.

I had plans for later that day and because my hair was taking too long to dry, i gave up 😦 The back had actually dried but i had no time to continue with that process. The dried up sections were not as curly as i would have wanted if i was to rock a curly hairstyle so i am now sure that getting the ‘lottabody setting lotion’ is a must. I decided to blow out my hair and it came out full as if i had been air drying it 😦 I was running out of time and started panicking so i curled my ends using my flat iron because i was going to wear it down.

I hated what i did to my hair and how it turned out but my friend said that he loved how it smelled. Am so glad i did not use a bunch of products, my hair was light and not weighed down and i really love how my leave-in conditioner smells…but the scent was the only good thing about my hair. Don’t get me wrong, my hair was really soft and full and shiny too (i also used my sheen spray). It wasn;t aas shiny as it was before the cowash though 😦 Because i was away from home for the entire weekend, i ended up not wrapping my hair with a scarf for the night.

Because of all the manipulation and heat use i subjected my hair to, i cowashed my hair once i got home and i am currently airdrying it in a bun under a scarf. I initially wanted to comb it out and let it dry like that but my roots need to be stretched. I needed to replenish the moisture it lost. I hope i did not damage my ends. I know i will not have a fab hair week even though i am due for a salon visit in 2 days. I will not go to the salon till i decide to get a relaxer in 12-16 weeks. I know i will not have a cute hair-do until i get a relaxer but right now am not in the mood for that.

I was doing well on my hair journey but i really messed up and i hope my hair does not suffer because of that.


One thought on “MY FIRST ROLLERSET #fail

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