I decided to be washing my hair at least twice a week, and by washing i mean shampooing. Now before anyone says not to because as we all know shampoo can dry out ones’ hair, am switching shampoos…kinda. I found another shampoo in the bathroom and even though i have used it numerous times before, i never thought to check the ingredients, well at least not until someone pointed out the fact that its a sulfate-free shampoo! Its a shampoo with conditioner…conditioning shampoo? Exactly what i wanted. Its the ‘Oliive oil shampoo with conditioner’. I can’t find a picture of it in the web so i’ll post one later once i take it.

I used this shampoo last Monday (2 days ago) and absolutely loved it. It made my hair so soft and had it feeling all moisturized and clean. My hair did not feel stripped, it felt so good. I did not need to follow up with a conditioner immediately as i normally would before deep conditioning (i do that because a sulfate shampoo leaves my hair feeling a rough and tangled…the conditioner softens it up).

My wash day last Monday was splendid! I basically did the same thing i did last Thursday. When it came to drying my hair with my blow dryer, i did not dry it completely. I left it a little damp..almost dry, moisturized and sealed then bunned it. I loved how soft and moisturized my hair felt and this is one of the main reasons i have decided to wash my hair twice in one week. I covered my hair with a scarf after i was done.

Today i went out for a movie and wore my hair down. I love how full it is and because i had it in a bun, it had curled up a bit and so it wasn’t rubbing on my shirt. It looks shorter all waved up. Anyway after my movie i went into a supermarket to look for my new found love…the shampoo. I found it going for around KSh.239 (210ml) and a larger bottle (550ml) for KSh.4xx *i don’t remember how much*. I did not buy it but i will soon. My sulfate shampoo cost less KSh.215 for 410ml. I will keep using it only to clarify once a month or when i feel like my hair needs thorough cleaning 🙂



Today is day 3 since i last massaged my scalp with oils and also moisturized and sealed my hair. I can get really lazy at times. The good thing is that i have been keeping my ends tucked in and i have been wearing a headscarf ever since i washed my hair. I have been indoors for the most part of this weekend so my hair is not suffering. My scalp on the other hand is beginning to itch…so i have to do something about that today.


Earlier this week i went out and bought my regular conditioner:

pic from web

I also bought the deep conditioner i talked about in this post. I thought it was from the ‘perfect choice’ brand but turns out there is another brand called ‘perfect cosmetics’…see the confusion? 🙂 Anyway:

1L for KSh.320

Perfect cosmetics
Hot oil hair cream
Garlic extracts

A unique cream combines ich amino acids derived from pure garlic enhancing petin and special vitamin B & C complex to create the ideal nurturing for hair that needs extra help. This rich botanical content cream is needed by damaged hair exposed to chemical processing or extremely high heat styling.

Garlic extracts stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp, which helps keep hair strong, preventing breakage and hair loss, while adding significant body and shine.

Formulated to detangle hair, seal and protect it from styling damage. Hair becomes naturally more manageable, srong and healthy.

Apply a generous amount directly to clean shampooed hair and work gently along the hair shafts. For ultimate deep conditioning, allow to penetrate hair for 5 minutes or you can use hair steamer for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water to help seal the hair shafts. Store in cool dry place.

After using this product yesterday for the first time, i love it! I did mix it with coconut oil, amla hair oil and honey like i do all my deep conditioning treatments.

My hair is well moisturized and soft. Because it has amino acids, i take it that it is a light protein deep conditioner though it also moisturizes. It worked for me so i guess its a keeper.

This jar will last me for a long while seeing that i plan to use it only once a week. Its 1L (1000ml), quite a lot for only KSh.320. Funny enough i saw it going for KSh.345 in a different store (reason why i like window shopping first) It is from the United Arab Emirates.

I saw another deep conditioner from a brand called ‘Beautisa’ also from UAE going for KSh.300. I might try that one next.


I did not go through with my plans to wash and flat iron my hair last weekend. I was super lazy. I wore my hair in a ponytail for the better part of this week. I kept making plans to wash it and so i didn’t moisturize and seal because i thought i would wash it but that never happened. I ended up going for almost 2 weeks without washing my hair 😦 I also had no deep conditioner but i eventually bought one.

Yesterday i got home early and decided to wash my hair. The weather at my place has been quite unpredictable so i keep getting caught in the rain…like i did yesterday. Anyway, i shampooed, conditioned then deep conditioned with heat for about 20 minutes.

I did about 3 washes with my shampoo because i had gone for so long without washing and also because when i used my lottabody setting lotion last time it kinda made my hair a little sticky. I just really needed to rid my hair of everything.

I conditioned before deep conditioned and my hair came out so soft! Working the deep conditioner into my hair was a breeze. After that i cowashed because i simply love the way my conditioner leaves my hair and also so that i could detangle it.

I wrapped my hair in a towel for a few minutes, applied my leave-in conditioner then blew it out on cool. I tried to put a little tension as i did this because at 14 weeks post relaxer, my new growth is really puffy. I only used heat around my hairline so that i would have neat slick edges. Afterwards i moisturized and sealed in sections and wrapped my hair in a scarf for the rest of the day.

Right now my hair feels so soft and super moisturized. I can now tell that it had totally dried out since my last wash..hadn’t noticed that before.

I will bun it from now on till further notice. My hair is so manageable so i will keep doing what i did yesterday on a weekly basis. I will not be getting a relaxer anytime soon.


As i have pointed out in numerous posts, i am not particularly in love with shampoos. My main issue with them is that they tend to dry my hair out and leave it feeling rough and all tangled up. I do love how well they clean my hair though.

Anyway, i know that one way to deal with this is to use a sulfate-free shampoo. I haven’t seen any of those around and even if i did, i know that they would cost a lot of money.

My other option would be doing a prepoo treatment with oils before the shampooing…which is what i used to do. This is actually a good thing to do.

I however had an epiphany a few days back. I know that i was hoping to find a conditioning shampoo but didn’t quite know which one. I thought about 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioners, that is a conditioning shampoo in a way right? It is milder than the regular shampoo and has conditioning properties. This is the kind of shampoo present at home at any given time though i prefer to buy my own. Then again, to reap the maximum benefits, i choose to use a separate shampoo and conditioner.

I have decided to buy a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner which i will use then follow up with the regular conditioner. Hopefully this way my hair will be just the way i like it or even better after a wash. This means that i might cut down on prepoos which is not a problem…no need to do them every week 🙂


Yep. You read right 😉 I am loving my hair at this point of my stretch. I have been very low manipulative with it. Basically, all i do is moisturize and seal at night (section by section), massage my scalp with oil, comb it back and hold it in a loose ponytail. In the morning i take down my scarf and thats it! No combing again.

My hair is neat and am beginning to love the ‘girl next door’ look i’ve been rocking for the past few days (with minimal make up of course 🙂 ) I believe i look very cute and neat 😀

I am well aware that this is not a protective style. I will start bunning soon once i figure out where my ‘sock bun’ thing is and wash my hair. This coming weekend is my birthday weekend and i plan to straighten my hair really well. Its my big day so am allowed (by me 😉 ) But a week later when i wash my hair, i will probably blow it out on cool/warm then rock a ‘sock bun’ till i decide to get a relaxer touch up.


Am currently 12 weeks and 4 days post relaxer. I have a little over 3 weeks to get to 16 weeks post, which is when i plan to get my 2nd relaxer. I have not been following any regimen really since i got to 8 weeks post and because of my new growth i have to come up with a regimen that i can follow for the remainder of this stretch so that i don’t end up doing too much to my hair…its kinda delicate now that i have 2 textures going on 😮

The past few weeks have been challenging to me and i had started getting frustrated with my hair which resulted in me using too much heat to get it the way i wanted. I even thought of changing things up a bit but now am thinking, “nah…” Today, i wore my hair in a ponytail and that was it. It wasn’t boring…i did a side part and swooped it across my forehead. I loved it 🙂 Plus it was low manipulative and not tight.

I realized that at 12 weeks post, i can only wear my hair up in a ponytail or a bun. My hair is not straight enough for me to wear it down without having it looking puffy. If i want to wear it down at this point of my stretch, i will have to straighten it aka use direct heat.

Owing to all these, i have decided to try out the following regimen for the rest of this stretch:

1) Overnight prepoo with oils
2) Shampoo wash
3) Condition and detangle
4) Deep condition with heat for 30-45 minutes
5) Apply leave-in conditioner
6) Dry

I have decided to give my shampoo another go but because it has sulfates and is stripping to my hair, I will ensure i prepoo first. I love prepooing but did not see how/where i could incorporate it into my regimen before. So now am happy that i can do it weekly.

I find that some people don’t condition right after shampooing, they jump straight to the deep conditioning. Like mentioned before, i don’t like how the shampoo makes my hair feel (i guess one could say i use shampoo strictly for cleansing purposes) so i like to use conditioner soon after because it softens my hair and makes it feel nice. I also need it for me to detangle my hair since it has great slip (my comb basically slides through my hair 🙂 ) I also condition after deep conditioning because i don’t like how my deep conditioner makes my hair feel. I however plan on using a different one this weekend so i will condition only once.

I used my hand held dryer to dry my rollerset last weekend and realized that i could also use it to deep condition. It doesn’t take much so from now on this is what i will be doing. It has great heat setting and it is well known that deep conditioning with heat is better as opposed to not using heat. So…yippie for me!

Am still trying to figure out whether to airdry my hair in a loose bun or blow it out on cool/warm. I actually think i should blow it out on warm using the tension method because my new growth is already 1.5″ long and needs straightening so that i don’t end up with a puffy look. WARM NOT HOT

I only hope that my edges lie down decently since my hair will be up most of the time leaving them exposed *cringe*

of course i will be sure to moisturise and seal nightly and also massage my scalp with coconut oil.