Since i straightened my hair last weekend, i have been wearing it down as always. I had taken pictures of my hair dry, cowashed, blown out, flat ironed and after moisturizing & sealing. Sadly those pics got deleted before i could post them 😦

My hair is still in good shape though i have to admit that i have been slacking with the moisturizing and sealing. I think my hair is not suffering because i was a little heavy handed when i moisturized & sealed after flat ironing.

Anyway, i thought of keeping my hair like this for 2 weeks (till end of next week) but am getting bored of this straight look and i miss that fresh feeling i get on my wash days. Last night i was really tempted to wash my hair!

I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos on ‘braid outs’ and i have decided that that is what i want. I know that i keep saying that i’d rather do it on longer hair (APL) but i really want to do this. I might do it this weekend…today is Friday…


One thought on “THINKING OF A NEW ‘DO’

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