Over the weekend, i did braids with the hope of rocking a braid out this week. Lets just say that i will not be doing that any more.

my braid out!…too tight 😦

My braid out came out too tight and really horrible since my hair is short…why don’t i ever learn? I thought i could do it 😦 I could not wear my hair out like that so i tried to style it using bobby pins…hated it!

half up-half down pinned back look

I then tried a messy bun of sorts with lots of texture…hated it!

messy textured bun

I decided to comb out the braid out and boy was i surprised by this:

relaxed hair afro!!!

I could still rock an afro with my relaxed hair! No regrets there about getting a relaxer 🙂 Never thought i would be able to do this with relaxed hair. My hair looks fully natural and no one would believe i have a relaxer.

After playing with my hair some more i just held it back in a loose ‘bunny’ tail.

‘bunny’ tail 😉

Since my intended style was an epic fail, i decided to cowash my hair and get rid of all that texture. I am yet to do that. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my hair so i will just let it air dry for a bit then blow it out on cool till slightly damp so that i can damp bun.

Am not a fun of buns nowadays but right now am at a loss…besides, am going for a movie later tonight. No need to look fancy.


4 thoughts on “BRAID OUT-EPIC FAIL!

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  2. I like how your braid out looks! I know how you feel though – curly hair doesn’t suit my face, and if the curls are too tight, it’s even worse! My bantu knot out looked similar to the first picture you posted. Once I separated everything, I practically had an afro. I had to wash the curls out because there was no taming it!

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