I always thought i was one of the few lucky girls who don’t have to try out a bunch of hair products before they found the right ones. Well, i was…as a natural haired girl but i guess now my luck has run out šŸ˜¦ Products that seemed perfect for my natural hair now don’t work well for my relaxed hair. Namely my shampoo, deep conditioner and my conditioner. I use a lot of shampoo and conditioner and i just don’t like how the deep conditioner makes my hair feel…kinda rough though moisturized.

Am now on the prowl for new products. This kinda sucks because i know i will have to fork out more money…but i will do that out of love for my hair šŸ™‚ Am thinking ‘herbal essences halo hydration’ shampoo. I said before that i don’t like how my current ‘enliven’ shampoo strips my hair so maybe this might work. I need for my hair not to feel so rough after shampooing. I know it would be better to get a sulfate-free shampoo but those are not easy to find plus am on a budget. Next time i plan to shampoo (in about 4 weeks), i will first do an oil prepoo and see how my hair feels afterwards.

I would also like to buy the ‘halo hydration’ conditioner because i have heard a lot of good things about it but its kinda pricey too šŸ˜¦ But since i plan to be using it once a week, it might be worth it.

As for the dep conditioner, i saw that the company that makes the relaxer i use, ‘perfect choice’, also has a variety of deep conditioners that come in huge jars for a relatively good price. I think i will buy this to use this come weekend.

Am about to go out, so i will pass by the beauty suppl stores to see how much these products are going for and if there are alternative products i may be interested in.


2 thoughts on “NEED NEW PRODUCTS!

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