This morning i went out and bought some deep conditioner. Since i was going to be home all day with nothing to do, i thought it would be great to just go ahead and rollerset my hair.

12 weeks 12 days post. I need a trim

12 weeks 12 days post. I need a trim

I deep conditioned for about 3 hours on dry hair then cowashed. I applied my leave-in conditioner, moisturizer and when putting in the rollers, i sprayed each section with my setting lotion mixed with water. That took me an hour and a half!

Drying my hair wasn’t boring because i was using my hand dryer with one hand and surfing the internet with the other 🙂 I even took my tea and cake. Drying took less than an hour. The areas that were exposed dried but because the rollers at the front were so close together, the roots did not dry completely. My initial plan was to air dry and am glad i did not go through with that since it would have taken forever and i can’t walk around the house with the rollers in. I took out the rollers anyway. The back came out pretty well 🙂

The setting lotion really set the curls but the front curls fell because my hair wasn’t dry. The setting lotion did make my hair hard but that went away once i moisturized it.

I loved the curls at the back. The front did not dry :(

I loved the curls at the back. The front did not dry 😦

I used my blowdryer to dry the rest of my hair. At this point my hair looked horrible. I sealed with a little coconut oil then tried wrapping so that i could do a saran wrap. My hair was still kinda puffy and wouldn’t wrap so i decided to flat iron my roots only.

I did not do it as well as i did the last time i straightened my hair but it came out pretty good. By now my hair was looking dry-ish so i moisturized and sealed in smaller sections. I chose not to saran wrap. My ends were looking horrible all straight and i used my flat iron to curl them under. I used my moisturizer as a heat protectant…it says that that is one of its properties.

Right now i feel bad and sad 😦 I feel that i used too much heat and all i’ve done now is cover my hair with a scarf. I don’t even want to see it! I can not do this. Don’t think i will be rollerseting till after i get my touch up. I want to get a relaxer right now! I will definitely not stretch for 16 weeks. My hair is suffering. Problem is i don’t have money to relax right now.

My birthday is coming up soon. Next weekend to be precise. I refuse to have a bad hair day on my big day. I will deep condition, cowash, blow out my hair on cool then flat iron. I will try really hard to keep that straight look for 2 weeks. On the third week iwill just prep my hair for a relaxer and not use heat. I really fell bad for my hair…am on a journey right? I should know better!


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