Last night i thought about what am doing to my hair. I don’t like it. If i continue like this i might as well just cut off my hair.

I have decided to be getting my relaxer touch ups every 8 weeks. If i choose to go longer then it will be upto 10 weeks post. I realize that this will be rather costly so…i will have to start self relaxing soon.

I will not get trims each time i go for a relaxer. I will try and get them 2-3 times a year or when i feel that i need them.

I will see if i can get a relaxer next week at 13 weeks post.

After my next relaxer, i will totally rock my hair 🙂 and, take pics of it in its’ full glory because…

A few weeks after that, i will cut me some bangs! Yes. I know that i keep going back and forth about this but this time am going to go through with it.

Getting bangs will really enable me to rock some kind of buns because i don’t like having all of my hair pulled back. I don’t like how i look with my hair like that because i have a round face and a high forehead 😮 This means that i can finally start protective styling 🙂


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