Yep. You read right 😉 I am loving my hair at this point of my stretch. I have been very low manipulative with it. Basically, all i do is moisturize and seal at night (section by section), massage my scalp with oil, comb it back and hold it in a loose ponytail. In the morning i take down my scarf and thats it! No combing again.

My hair is neat and am beginning to love the ‘girl next door’ look i’ve been rocking for the past few days (with minimal make up of course 🙂 ) I believe i look very cute and neat 😀

I am well aware that this is not a protective style. I will start bunning soon once i figure out where my ‘sock bun’ thing is and wash my hair. This coming weekend is my birthday weekend and i plan to straighten my hair really well. Its my big day so am allowed (by me 😉 ) But a week later when i wash my hair, i will probably blow it out on cool/warm then rock a ‘sock bun’ till i decide to get a relaxer touch up.


One thought on “13 WEEKS POST & LOVING IT :)

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