Last Monday after my wash i did 4 braids instead of the 2 cornrows i had mentioned (i really can’t do cornrows!). The following day i had the following results:

just fluffed it out

I tried to rock puff but my hair was so soft the band i used just slid off. So, i used bobby pins to achieve a somewhat similar look and this was it:

faux puff?

another pic of the faux puff

I didn’t really like it so i tried a southern tease bun:

southern tease bun

another one

Then i combed out my hair and tried a half up-half down do:

half up- half down #fail

Lets just say, textured hair wasn’t doing it for me so that Tuesday (yep, the next day)i cowashed my hair again. I felt really good aferwards and this is the amount of hair i lost:





Am thinking of cutting down on the number of times i use shampoo per month. Going through my previous posts, i noticed that i had the best wash days when i only did a cowash, as evidenced here, here and from yesterday’s wash (it was the best so far with very little hair lost….and i used very little conditioner for 1 wash and didn’t need to add more to detangle!)

My hair came out clean and soft…really moisturized. It felt better than when i shampoo so i think i will only be using shampoo once a month to clarify. This means that i won’t have to buy a sulfate-free shampoo #savings. I have gone on a no poo regimen before with success but this time i plan to stay at it. I might even be able to do this twice a week this far into my stretch 😉


After wearing my hair straight for a week, i have decided to go ahead and wash it. I used heat on my ends 2 days ago to curl them under because i was going out…i know thats not good but yea…

Anyway, as i type this, my hair is in a baggy because am deep conditioning. Its been like this for the past hour and a half. I’ll cowash in about 45 minutes. I want to put back some moisture into my hair.

Lately i have been thinking about doing a braid out…i know how i feel about this but i will do it differently this time with 2 cornrows going back right after my cowash. Hopefully this will give me loose waves and not the kind of tight curls i always end up with. I will let that airdry (keep it in till tomorrow) then try to rock a braid out. Hope i can maintain that for a week!


I guess the further i go into my stretch the less care i show my hair…or am just plain lazy. Either way, my hair is really fragile at this point and i can’t afford to be negligent, so, its official: am getting a relaxer next month. For me, its easier to maintain straight hair. I cannot flat iron again for at least another 4 weeks yet i need to wash it every week…point is, i need a relaxer and am getting it at 5 months post.

I have to say i’ve done relatively well during this stretch. My hair isn’t so bad…its just gotten a little dry but i correct that in good time so no breakage. I however don’t think i will be stretching this long in the future…or maybe i will…i don’t know.

When i get my relaxer, i will try and go back to my first hair regimen (yea, when i was natural). My current one is okay but because my hair has been getting a little dry, i always want to cowash mid week but with the amount of new growth i have, i choose not to…too much manipulation. I liked my old regimen and i got to prepoo and deep condition weekly. I would like to be able to do that again…my hair will really benefit from it. Basically, this was all there was to it:

deep condition overnight
cowash in the morning

prepoo overnight
shampoo wash (sulfate-free)

Because i normally leave the house in the afternoon, i guess this will work for me.

I will also give ‘air drying’ another shot…for the first 6 weeks maybe, I won’t have crazy new growth to deal with so i hope that goes well. But how do i air dry? hmmmm…


That title sounds grammatically wrong to me but hey!

I did my hair but not like i said i would. I did an overnight prepoo with coconut oil,


rinsed my hair with hot water in the morning, used a sulfate free shampoo then used conditioner.

wet hair

hair that came out after wash

slightly damp hair with leave-in conditioner

new growth at almost18 weeks post relaxer

I did not deep condition or do the henna gloss because i simply had no time. Afterwards i blew out my hair on cool, flat ironed it, moisturized then sealed. After my wash, the rest of the process took me about 2 hours! I don’t know why it took me so long to do my hair but thank God i don’t have to do this every week.

flat iron results

My hair was really dry before my wash. How do i not notice this until my wash day?! Am really glad i did the overnight prepoo and also moisturized my hair. It feels so good right now and fresh. I have to stop being lazy and moisturize & seal my hair nightly otherwise my hair will break off…


I am seriously considering getting a relaxer soon. I have the money and i did a protein treatment last week so all i really have to do is call my hairdresser and make my way to the salon…

Am also thinking of straightening my hair, i haven’t done so in about a month which is long enough for me. Maybe if i do it i will stop thinking about getting the relaxer for a while longer. I actually wanted to do it yesterday (Saturday) but i got busy and i still can’t do it today so looks like i’ll be doing it tomorrow.

I have actually decided to do a henna gloss treatment tomorrow too. I haven’t done this since January (about 6 months) and i would like to do it before getting a relaxer but not too close to my relaxer day…so tomorrow will be a good day to do it. Basically what i plan to follow is this:

1) prepoo tonight (overnight) with coconut oil
2) apply the henna gloss tomorrow morning and leave it on for about 3 hours under a plastic bag…secure with scarf
3) cowash
4) blow dry on cool
5) flat iron
6) moisturize and seal

I will of course use leave in conditioner and heat protectant as required.

The prepoo step is to minimize the colour uptake because i’d like to retain my natural hair colour as much as possible. And it also helps keep the hair soft because henna tends to dry out the hair and make it hard and rough to the touch much like a heavy protein treatment. This will be especially important for me because i don’t plan on deep conditioning my hair afterwards. I know that it is advisable to do so but cowashing alone makes my hair cotton wool soft and i want it to stay like that for a while.

I don’t particularly like doing oil prepoos when am about to straighten my hair but right now i’ll just do it.

My hair is a bit of a mess today and i really wish i had done all this stuff earlier but oh well…at least i have the whole of tomorrow to do my hair. This coming Tuesday i have appearances to keep up so i guess this whole straightening hair process is coming at a good time.

I have really missed my using henna and can’t wait for the results on Tuesday (i prefer 2nd day hair)

Yesterday’s cowash


Since my wash day (about) 3 days ago, i have been slacking off in terms of moisturizing and sealing my hair. The most i do is M&S my hairline and the hair ends (tips). It doesn’t help that my coconut oil is always solidified, so getting up from wherever to go melt it is a drag. I have been using my ‘extra virgin olive oil’ for sealing for the past week or so.

I have been using gel to slick down my edges and its been doing a great job but i don’t like the idea of using it daily. Because of this coupled with the fact that my hair was getting a little dry, i decided to cowash my hair yesterday. That went well and i lost very little hair (shed hair i believe).

Here are a few pics from yesterday’s wash:

cowashed, slightly air dried hair with just leave-in conditioner

17 weeks post new growth

back half section blow dried on cool. The only product in my hair is leave-in conditioner. check out the shine!!!

left section of hair blown out. Right section slightly air dried

Puffy hair (thanks to the new growth) after moisturizing and sealing. I prefer to tie my hair down with a scarf afterwards and let the products penetrate the hair strands. Right now it looks weighed down but a few hours later it is well moisturized and light.