Its just after 3am (Monday) and i can’t sleep 😦 Anyway, a little about what i have been up to this past long weekend…Friday was a Public holiday in my country MADARAKA DAY 🙂

Last Thursday, i washed and deep conditioned my hair for about 30 minutes. I could have gone longer but i got a call from my mum and she wanted me to meet her somewhere immediately. Now, i don’t wear hats and the thought of going out with a hoodie crossed my mind…but it was hot as hell outside, so i just hoped into the shower, rinsed my hair then cowashed it. I was in such a rush that i did not put anything in my hair, i just did a damp bun.

Come Friday, my hair was dry. And i mean really dry and my new growth was coarse. This got me thinking…”my leave-in conditioner really works!” Then again after shampooing i did not deep condition properly. Anyway, because of the state my hair was in, i just took down my scrunchie and did not bother to comb it, getting my wide tooth comb through my roots was quite a task! Then there was volume…so much of it plus my hair was all frizzy…at least it was flowy though the roots were something else altogether. I wore my hair like that all day *wish i had taken pics*.

On Saturday, i simply cowashed, applied my leave-in, blew it out till slightly damp on cool, moisturized, sealed, bunned then tied it down with a scarf for the rest of the day. I noticed that my hair took longer to dry, or maybe that was just me.

I will try and bun for the entire week then wash next weekend…am done with that new regimen i was trying out. Washing 2x a week…ehhh…nope! Back to my trusty hair regimen


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