I know i have been saying that i will stretch my relaxer to 16 weeks which is 4 months (tomorrow) but now am toying with the thought of going up to 6 months. I can’t believe i wanted to give up at the 12 week post stage!

So far my hair is not breaking off or anything of that sort so i think its safe to prolong my stretch. I have to admit though that i have been slacking off when it comes to moisturizing and sealing and also oiling and massaging my scalp. I at least take care of my ends and hairline.

I have been fighting the urge (again) to cowash my hair and try to do 2 french braids for a braid out look. I have to keep reminding myself how curly styles look on me…not cute in my opinion. I have to wait till my hair gets to APL so that my curls/waves curl up to SL and not NL. Then again i tend to over manipulate my hair when i attempt a bantu knot out or braid out…none of these are protective styles by the way! And my hair becomes so rough! I guess the cuticles are raised at that point…not good.

Speaking of over manipulating my hair, i cannot afford to do that at this stage of my stretch. I seem to be having trouble passing my wide tooth comb through my roots. I did blow out my hair last weekend to stretch out my new growth but because i did not dry it completely (i let the rest airdry on a loose low bun) my new growth seems to have reverted, so my hair is really thick at the roots.

I tried combing it last night for the first time in 3 days and gave up. I’ll wait till wash day in 3-4 days. Right now am just bunning and tying a scarf to keep it down. Its getting puffy. And to think i once had flat hair! 🙂

Other than bunning, i really don’t know what else to do. I see a lot of people doing senegalese twists but no way am i getting that done at the salon! They do it so tightly and am all for showing my scalp some TLC. The girls on hair journeys who have them seem to have done them themselves…i don’t now how to. I can learn but am not feeling that style right now. I think i will try it out on my own hair (no extensions) at some point.

I saw a girl at 13 weeks post with nice waves from using eco styler to lay down her hair. I think i will try that next weekend. I still have my gel and braid spray which i used to use when i was natural. I can’t wait to see how that turns out! I think this will be good because am bunning a lot now plus i’ll get to do my SOCK BUNS 🙂 I don’t want to blow my hair out till dry and if i don’t do that its going to be puffy so…ehhhhh


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