I found myself asking this question a few hours ago and my answers are quite different from what other ladies usually have. For starters:

1) It makes sense to me to get a relaxer at not less than 12 weeks post because getting it done is pretty expensive. I can’t afford to be spending KSh.2000!!! on a relaxer touch up (alone) more than 4 times a year.

2) I guess since i had natural hair for 20+ years i learnt how to deal with that texture and so am not struggling with my new growth.

3) My life has been pretty slow of late without numerous events to attend and stuff like that so i don’t feel the need to look dressed up all the time with straight hair and complicated updo’s that take forever to get right. My simple low manipulation bun is all am rocking. I just don’t feel like getting a touch up.

4) Am thinking of starting grad school in September and i think that will be a good time to relax my hair…start afresh.

So, there you have it. If i start feeling like i want to relax before Sept, i guess i’ll have to come back to this post and see if i can talk myself out of relaxing 😉


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