I have decided to be going to the salon only for a relaxer touch up and trim 3-4 times a year. Not more. I go to a high end salon so they are quite expensive and i can’t afford to keep getting my hair done there all the time. They do a better job than other salons which is why i have chosen to stick with them. I first went there 4 or 5 years ago to get my eyebrows done and they are the only people i trust with that to this day.

Between my relaxers, i need wash and deep condition my hair regularly and i do that myself at home. I can also do my oil treatments and henna gloss treatments at home…if i got these done at the salon, i would have to cough up quite an amount of cash! I have all the products i need, so i don’t really need to go to the salon. I don’t get the salon look at home but thats not what really matters.

What upsets me about going to the salon though is how they detangle my hair. I remember a guy washing my hair just kinda raking through my hair and yet i was about 8 weeks post! It wasn’t really bad but he could have been a lot more gentle. I understand that they like to work fast so that they can do more people’s hair but that doesn’t make it cool. I hate to think what would happen if i went in now at 16 weeks post with 2″ of new growth!

Another thing i don’t like is the hairdresser telling me what to do to my hair. Giving a suggestion is okay (like how Jimmy suggest i dye my hair and i said no. He didn’t insist) but if i say no, i don’t expect them to keep pestering me to change my mind…like how Jimmy, my hairdresser kept insisting that i should get a relaxer at 8 weeks post! I was sooooo pissed off that day. And i remember him saing that he would be trimming my hair each time i went for a relaxer (every 2 months according to him). Now thats 6 trims in a year. How again am i supposed to retain length? O_o

Then there is the question about the kind of products they use on my hair. I still don’t know what shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner they use on my hair. I don’t even know if i ever got a protein treatment done there! I guess the products were good because my hair came out good and i loved how the deep conditioner felt in my hair. What i did not like though is the fact that another hairdresser, Kibet, did my hair and when styling it he used a hair polisher…thats okay right? But when i looked at the bottle, it said silicone based in huge letters kinda making it seem that the percentage of it was a lot! I know silicones are not all that bad and they are used to give that glossy, shiny look but am just not feeling them. Not his fault though, am just saying that by doing my hair at home i get to use products that i actually like!



  1. Hello! I was doing a search for something and I stumbled across your blog. It seems that we have a lot in common, and I’ve enjoyed reading your past few entries. I get a relaxer every 8 weeks, though, and couldn’t imagine waiting any longer. My stylist trims my ends every time I go in, but I am very diligent when it comes to my hair routine at home. I wash and deep condition once a week, and I don’t apply heat in between relaxers. If I have somewhere special to go, I might use a flat iron, but I limit myself to no more than once every 8 weeks, and I always let my hair air dry. As for styling, I just wear my hair down so I don’t have to manipulate it too much. Sometimes I use a children’s hair detangler if it’s especially hard to comb through, but I do my best to keep playing with my hair to a minimum.

    Because I take care of my hair now, my stylist doesn’t have to trim my ends much at all. She evens things out, but after she’s finished cutting, I don’t see any hair on the floor. When I decided I wanted to starting growing my hair, she had to cut a little more because my hair was damaged and I had split ends, but now there really isn’t anything she needs to cut! Every once in a while I’ll go in and she tells me she’s not going to trim anything because she doesn’t need to, and that always puts a smile on my face. Anyway, I seriously started growing my hair about a year ago when it was right around shoulder length. Now, it’s about 5 – 6 inches past my shoulders, with 6 trims a year, and all!

    It’s definitely possible to retain length with frequent trims, but I feel sad that you worry about your stylist cutting so much hair that you won’t be able to! I got lucky and found a stylist to listens to and understands what I want for my hair, so she does her best to help me reach my hair goals – I wish everyone had that! If your hair is healthy, your stylist shouldn’t have to trim very much; he should get rid of the splits ends/breakage (if you have any) and that’s it. Maybe you could try talking to him about trimming no more than “x” amount of hair if you’re worried? 🙂

    • hi thank you for checking out my blog 🙂 looks like you’re doing all the right stuff for your hair and you are lucky to have a great hairdresser. My weekly routine is more or less like yours only i can’t airdry…tried it and didn’t like it. i blow dry on cool instead and i plan to be wearing my hair up from now on. The last time i got a trim i let him cut a lot because i too had a lot of damage. Yea, next time i go in i’ll be specific on how much he should trim and try to get over the fear of having my hair chopped off

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