I was due for a protein treatment so last night i used 2 eggs on my hair as always, left that on for about 20min then continued with my usual weekly hair routine

Today i blew out my hair till it was dry instead of leaving it slightly damp. I didn’t want my new growth to revert like it did last time because i ended up with big hair so to speak. After moisturizing (with ors hair lotion) and sealing, i held it back in a ponytail and used my braid spray (liquid moisturizer) and very little gel to slick down my edges. I used a head scarf for a few minutes like i used to when my hair was natural.

Right now my hair is slicked back into a neat ponytail and i love what the gel did 🙂 I mean at 16 weeks post, my hair looks so neat! Of course all round my hairline my new growth is wavy and i kinda like it. What i don’t like about this style is how small my ponytail is. I first tried a sock bun and it didn’t look cute either. So…

This coming week i will be on the hunt for a phony pony. I want one that is full and about 8″ long. I love high ponytails but don’t wear my hair like that because its not long enough. I want the ponytail to stop at my shoulders. I can already picture the look in my mind 😉 If i don’t find that kind of phony pony, i might have to go for tracks instead. I just hope to find something that matches my hair.

I love this hair journey thing. It never gets boring, i keep learning new stuff and finding new stuff to do to my hair. It sure is a happy hair journey 🙂


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