I am seriously considering getting a relaxer soon. I have the money and i did a protein treatment last week so all i really have to do is call my hairdresser and make my way to the salon…

Am also thinking of straightening my hair, i haven’t done so in about a month which is long enough for me. Maybe if i do it i will stop thinking about getting the relaxer for a while longer. I actually wanted to do it yesterday (Saturday) but i got busy and i still can’t do it today so looks like i’ll be doing it tomorrow.

I have actually decided to do a henna gloss treatment tomorrow too. I haven’t done this since January (about 6 months) and i would like to do it before getting a relaxer but not too close to my relaxer day…so tomorrow will be a good day to do it. Basically what i plan to follow is this:

1) prepoo tonight (overnight) with coconut oil
2) apply the henna gloss tomorrow morning and leave it on for about 3 hours under a plastic bag…secure with scarf
3) cowash
4) blow dry on cool
5) flat iron
6) moisturize and seal

I will of course use leave in conditioner and heat protectant as required.

The prepoo step is to minimize the colour uptake because i’d like to retain my natural hair colour as much as possible. And it also helps keep the hair soft because henna tends to dry out the hair and make it hard and rough to the touch much like a heavy protein treatment. This will be especially important for me because i don’t plan on deep conditioning my hair afterwards. I know that it is advisable to do so but cowashing alone makes my hair cotton wool soft and i want it to stay like that for a while.

I don’t particularly like doing oil prepoos when am about to straighten my hair but right now i’ll just do it.

My hair is a bit of a mess today and i really wish i had done all this stuff earlier but oh well…at least i have the whole of tomorrow to do my hair. This coming Tuesday i have appearances to keep up so i guess this whole straightening hair process is coming at a good time.

I have really missed my using henna and can’t wait for the results on Tuesday (i prefer 2nd day hair)


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